As A Former Bill Collector

I want to tell you that i used to be a debt collection agent and it was the worst job ever! Some people are born to do that kind of work and others, like myself, despised it. I learned the greatest lesson of all from that job though, living within your means.

If you are on the financial edge all the time, not only is it a tough way to live, it's totally unhealthy. We don't even realize sometimes until it's too late, that all the monthly payments and the thought of one thing going wrong and domino effect all the way through to financial ruin, eats our stomach lining away. Soon you have acid indigestion, ulcers and other stress related problems.

Yes it sucks to go without, trust me i have known the feeling most of my life, but what sucks more is to be 30 to 50 years old and have the stomach problems of an 80 year old retired air traffic controller.
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1 Response Nov 8, 2010

I totally agree with you. I don't have the biggest house or the newest car or even a cell phone, but I can pay for what I do have without having to give up food or some other necessity. My only debt is my mortgage and it's still cheaper than renting an apt. If everyone lived with what they could afford, the important things in life would be clear.