Poor Little Girl

I just saw the entire story on Investigative Reports. The autopsy reports, etc.
They even had parts of the trial. Her mother, Casey is a complete idiot.
She had zero remorse for her daughter. Oh she cried a lot, but that was because she got busted, not because she felt bad about her daughter. This is a typical example of what happens when Children have Children. Caylee never had a chance. Three strips of duct tape wrapped around her mouth and nose.
Why? The Defense claimed that it was something that happened when she was wrapping the already dead body in plastic bags, so she could go hide it.
What ever happened to 911? Casey claims her Father helped her get rid of the body. give me a break! That was a lie!
Casey went to a party at a local bar 5 days after her daughter died, and was photographed participating in a "Hot body" contest. What sort of Mother would do that?
Very evil woman!
afun1foru afun1foru
56-60, M
Jan 22, 2013