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Wouldn't' it be great to have a choice?  Work a 5 day week or work 40 hours Monday to Thursday?   I'd do it.  Just imagine a 3 day week end every week?  I don't know what all I'd get done but stress is high.  My job requires a lot of self control.   Yes, yes and yes. Leaving work on a Thursday would be so fine.;)

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I ask the director & she said school attendance is key..when it's up, everyone stays. When it's down a teacher can possibly leave early..that's it. So I took a vacation day yesterday to get a little time off. It was fun to have the day off but it flew by! Boo hoo..

Hi Wiseowl, and Frito414<br />
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Maybe you could have a disccusion with your co-workers, come to an agreement that each will have a choice to have Friday or a Monday, and then begin a rotation, where one week will be three days off starting Friday. The following week will be three days off ending on a Monday.<br />
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Sounds simple, but you'll have to convice the stepping ladder with your good reasons to why?<br />
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"Think, Connect, and you will know how"<br />
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I know you have it in you, and you will find it.


We wouldn't do it .. What a bummer..sigh. I'd love it.

I think some places do offer flex time...I once worked Mon - Thurs...10 hr was great cause I was helping out mu parents and could still have a day for myself...all went well until other staff got resentful...and testy...<br />
But aside from that if we can produce the same amount and quality of work, why not?<br />
I negotiated with my job to get it...any chance uou can do that Wiseowl?