Making Lemonade

Recently I have had the best and worst experience in my life thus far... my wife who I have been married to for the past 4 years has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure and since June we have watched it as it has progressed and in September cutting out trip short was rushed to the hospital as her conditions worsened..She has gone through 2 surgeries and is now on Dialysis 3x a week...This has lead to a major shift in life for us eating, depression on both ends, spiritually, and overall mood killer in any and all activities we do.  

A few  weekends ago we decided that would change and we are turning lemons in to lemonade after spending a weekend away we decided our outlook must change otherwise it will destroy both of us..After finally going out to the movies, and just staying positive...It has changed us and our friends have noticed the difference as well family members.  

So I just say when life hands you lemons make lemonade!
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3 Responses Oct 8, 2012

What a great way to deal with this. I hope you really enjoy each other for many years to come .

You just made my inspiring!!! Good for both of just know...any of us could have just 1 hour..or 1 day...or 5 never you need to live in the moment and enjoy life to it's fullest. XOXO to both of you!! I will put your wife on my prayer list.

Yayyyy for BOTH of you!! Taking control of how you think and behave is HUGE in times like this!! Hubs and I went thru something similar when I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's Disease...... Make every second count for something good!! My thoughts are with you both.....hugs and hugs....