The Highest Women In the Sight of God

The Prophet said to his daughter Fatima:

"You are the highest of the women of the people of Paradise, excepting only the Virgin Mary, daughter of Imran."(Prophetic narration-chain unidentified)

God said in the Koran: "Angels said to Mary, "He has chosen thee above all the women of the worlds." (Koran)

The Prophet said, that the best women in all the world are four:                    

The Virgin Mary or Maryam (in Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic), Asiya the wife of the Mosaic Pharaoh, Khadijah the wife of the Prophet, and Fatima the daughter of the Prophet, peace and blessings be on them.

Of course, there are other significant women as well in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition.

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Thought1,<br />
If your life experiences so far shows you that humans are "treated" equally, especially in terms of gender, race or class - then you surely have been blessed. Rejoice in your good fortune! Any person who is not male, not white and not upper-class, can tell you otherwise. We are the same and equal only in God's eyes. However, this story is concerned with the various degrees of believers and their permanent places in Paradise. According to Prophet Muhammad, the highest Paradise is as far away from the lower paradise as the way we humans on earth gaze at the farthest star in the universe. (Bukhari collection, volume 4, hadith #478)

Women are loved, and this group is good. <br />
I only didn't know there are higher and lower people, chosen and not chosen. <br />
All people are THE SAME - only different. And this is simply ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING - roles, genders, cultures, knowledge, races, ages, height, weight, color of the eyes, inner selves.

Aretha is good too.

Funny ma ElLagarto,<br />
You've been listening to jazz records...but you can still pick up a bedside companion in the form of a book if you want. Thanks for dropping by!

Confused by this. I always thought the best four women were Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Moms Mabley. Must have been reading a different book.