Women Live Many More Lives In Parallel While Men Live Just One

I been hanging out with these bunch of girls for a while now ... earlier on I used to think they get it all on a platter and stuff but now I know enough to acknowledge that almost each of them that I know of is facing a ton of issues in their lives but they just don't let it show, they go on and on. and there comes a moment when they implode (not explode because even at that moment they take all the criticism on themselves and they share it only with their *inner circle*). I have lived as a man all my life with all male friends, colleagues, relatives etc but discovering the girls and women in my life only now. I have been through so many *meltdowns* and each time I discover it happened after she's been through so much that if it were a man in her place, by then he would have long given-up. While a man lives a single life, its like the women live multiple times the same life of a man like with their parents, in-laws, boyfriends, girlfriends, children etc and they handle them all smoothly without anyone noticing even, most of the time. Each of the relationship comes with its own challenges and they face them on a daily basis. Initially I tried to help them by suggesting why not this or why not that but now I know for sure that the best help I can do is just *listen* to every word they have to say ... it can take a while but I stay till the end and help with the kleenex if I have not run out of stock.
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Gossip girl and your male? Haha you seem legit