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I approached her legs slowly and kissed her knee. Her hand slid down and she ran her fingers through my hair. I then knew I had the OK to go ahead. I licked around her calf and up to her knee. I tickled behind her knee with my fingertips and then traced lightly along the inside of her thigh. I felt her muscles tense a bit from being sensitive to my touch. I spread her legs apart a bit more and was very happy to see this naughty girl had no panties. I think she must have planned on another day of her own handiwork and I was going to try my best to out do that for her.

I licked up her inner thigh and squeezed her thighs with both hands. I slid one hand up and grabbed her butt cheek and she gently moved up on one side to give me access. I unzipped a zipper that ran along one side of her skirt. This gave me enough room to move my head inside between her legs just enough to get access to the nicely trimmed ***** just inches from my face. I kissed her inner thighs and sucked gently on her skin. I ran a finger along the skin, up to her swollen lips and spread her lips apart. I rubbed gently between the lips and upwards firmly against her moist and engorged ****.

I could hear her moan and then cough, I guess to disguise the moan from anyone who may have heard it. I smiled at that and dove in to her ***** with my tongue. I licked her slowly around the lips, taking time to suck on them and capture the flavour of her sweet juice. She pressed my head into her ***** more firmly with her hand. I sucked on both lips and then found her bud. I felt her body shake as I sucked her bud into my mouth. I moved one and then two fingers to her opening and easily slid them in between the folds.

I pushed both fingers in slowly and took them all the way out. I played with her opening with both fingers, teasing her a bit with my tongue and fingers. I sucked on her ****, slid two fingers inside of her and moved my other hand to the top of her *****. I moved one finger from that other hand down to her **** and worked on her with more pressure. She started to move her hips like the other day when I was watching her. I found the rhythm and my long fingers found her spot deep inside. I thrust my fingers inside her wetness to hit that spot with a vibrating motion. My other finger and tongue worked her ****.

She tensed up and started to shudder. I felt a rush of juices surround my tongue and fingers. I tried as best I could to lick up everything. She was so sweet tasting I just wanted it all. Her ****** lasted a long time, and I felt her *** two different times. I massaged her **** and left my fingers inside her for a bit of time afterwards. I moved my fingers only slightly in and out while massaging the outside. She was now relaxing as I massaged her whole area. I only wish I could have seen her face to watch her, but I was having the time of my life anyway.

I cleaned her up with my tongue and I moved my fingers up so she could take my hand. She grabbed my hand and sucked on three of my fingers to taste herself. I could only imagine how that would look to someone if they were watching this show. I crawled back to my chair and sat down. I got up and walked by Amanda to go to the restroom. This time I had to go the restroom to take care of my own need to ******. I was so hard and ready that I just wasn't going to wait until I got home.

vimkha vimkha
31-35, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

MMM sounds like you know what you're doing down there...i got halfway to ******ing just reading this thing

Half way wetting means you need..elongated foreplays and heavy **** licking to induce squirting and *******....