Good To The Last Drop

I love going down on a woman. There's nothing like eating - experiencing a lady's ****.  It's an intimacy I'll dare to call sacred, until she ******* into her own private heaven.  And if she can handle more, all the sweeter.

I've spoken at more length, in other categories, about my personal feelings for this.  This time I'm just going to add a little perspective.  There are 365 days per year.  If a woman's main squeeze (or her back-up, as the case may be) doesn't lick her to ****** every one of those days, or -- God forbid -- any of those days, think of all the delicious, delirious, naughty and haughty ******* those poor women miss out on!  Ladies, you deserve better!  Sit down with your significant other, open your appointment books, and scribble in a time for that.  And not just for today and tomorrow.  Make it every day.  If you love her (and you know it), give her that satisfaction every day, more than once if you can squeeze it in and she can handle it.  I tell you, she'll have one less reason to ever feel unsatisfied and unloved. 
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Well said, I have had this in the past and long for it again....

Me, too! And, boy-oh-boy, do I ever miss and long for it too. Thanks for reading my story.

Well said!

I\'m glad you liked it.

Thank-you for reading my story, and for your reply. I hope you and your husband / boyfriend / main squeeze made some quality time for you after you read this. It saddens my heart to think of women not being pampered down there, or sought after this way. ; )

Hmmmm....nice story, sir ;-) You are a cunning linguist. Sorry...I just couldn't resist saying that! lol

I'm not a linguist to be honest, but I do understand the language of providing a woman pleasure between her legs. Slowly (or quickly, depending on the woman) coaxing her desire to life, until her own aria springs irrepressibly forth, is a dialogue I enjoy very much.

:-D :-D All men should be like that!

Well, the straight ones, anyway

I have to agree. It's his choice, but he sure doesn't know what he's missing out on if he chooses not to.

Hmm...I know what I am missing out on if he chooses not to, that's for sure

Its a win-win for both. For the women great pleasure, for the guy fun, flavor and aroma. Its great for everyone!!!

I hope he does too. There are lots of gentlemen who would gladly grant your wish.

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