I Love To Lick

I discovered at around 19 that I loved licking a woman. Shaved or a little bush... mature to young...black, white or HISPANIC. I've been with my gf for almost 6 years and her previous sexual partners didn't seem to care about pleasing her :/ I've found that I get really hard teasing the inside of her thighs, licking the crease of the leg and fold of her eager *****. I love hearing her moan and squirm as I breathe lightly just over her **** and wet lips. I enjoy hearing her breath as she holds it with anticipation or the quickening breaths before she pulls my head deeper into her and holds it there with her legs as she ****...but we're getting ahead of ourselves :) I love the moment just before my tongue touches her **** and that lustful look on her face when I put my fingers deep inside her and use her sweet wetness to line her amazing little ***. I think I could actually *** from just the excitement I get touching her... AAAND now she is allowing me to taste other women as she looks and enjoys other men as they taste her...
fUnncple fUnncple
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Great...good for you both..nothing like a woman's ***** for pleasing