Men Are Cowards.

Meeting a man that isn't a coward is like meeting a unicorn, it is rare and never forget it when it happens. The reversal of traditional gender roles has truly ****** EVERYTHING up. Women now pay for dates (which is the same thing as paying for a mans company OR paying for sex), Men don't have to work because women are willing to support them, Men still do not have to be accountable for the children they have and refuse to take care of, etc. Jesus Christ...we are ******!!!! Where are the real men?? You know, the men that work really hard and that are a little "unrefined" or maybe a little rough around the edges but deep in their hearts they are real men, real good men. They are men that don't live off of women, they have decent credit, have their own place to live (no roommates), etc.

Men are STUPID to have excepted these terms and become less than they used to be...the more successful a woman is the less she wants or needs a man. So it is now men that seem to be cutting their own throats, how does it feel to not be needed anymore? When and how does any woman admire or respect a man who is a coward. Men have reduced themselves to becoming boring (predictable) play things that women DO NOT take seriously...hence the birth of the "COUGAR".

FOR THE MEN: THE MORE SUCCESSFUL YOUR WOMAN IS THE LESS SHE WILL WANT OR NEED YOU. These days a woman does not need a man to have a baby and sex toys are so advanced they will get your woman off better than you ever could/would so be careful with how you choose to treat her.
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Well I mostly agree with you on the statement " men are cowards " ...
Most of them are ...
However I don't see any problems with role reversal and women emerging as primary bread winners . I don't thing women should bother on this too much as this gives them the much needed opportunity to reach the top .

The only way we women can reach on to , or equal to men is by aiming to reach much higher than men .
So lets take the lead and let the men play the second fiddle .
Now coming to the concept of men being coward .

The cowardice is when the men don't reveal their true feelings . I myself did a lots of diversified researches on human behavior and what I could infer is that men would love to have the women take the lead .
Many occasions I have seen men indirectly wanting to be at the women's feet but they don't dare to do thinking they are exceptions and they will be considered stupids in their society . But fact is that majority of men , if not all are naturally submissive and love their women to be on top .

Only a few brave men accept their natural feelings without much worrying about what others think of them and for me the rest of the male population are unfortunately COWARD indeed !!!

I wouldnt say men are cowards but I completely agree men will not stick up for themselves. guys i date let me get away with anything. a man must be willing to confront a woman for unacceptable behavior - even to the point of turning a woman over his knee and giving a very real, old fashioned spanking to put me in my place.


I definitely see where you're coming from. Most people would tend to say that both sides must equally come 50%, but that's not the case. Both sides must be willing to go 100% and to be selfless in the relationship. I don't mean to be sexist, but women are just as guilty as men are. Yes, finding a good, hardworking, and honorable man is probably hard to find these days, but so is a just and faithful woman. Men and Women both play separate roles in society. I agree that the reversal of traditional gender roles has indeed messed up society. I personally have no problem with a women working or having a career. In today's economy it's probably smart that she has one, but I also believe that the man is the sole provider of the family, (Bread Winner). I believe it's his responsibility to take care of financial and physical needs of the family. It is not right to force the wife to take on those responsibilities and for the man to neglect them. We can argue about this all day and get nowhere with it, but I do agree with you on the traditional roles of the man and woman.
Again, it all comes down to each person recognizing their roles and priorities and for each of them to coexist and together work and fight for a better future for their children and for the next generation.

According to your picture you look come you seem to get what I am saying when theses older guys don't??

I've seen a lot of relationships fail in the past and I took notes as to why that was, that way I wouldn't have to make the mistakes myself in order to find out. It saves yourself a lot of heartache if you learn from other people's mistakes first. I've also purposed to stand out and be different. I'm not trying to be proudful or anything. I'm not perfect, but I rebel against low expectations. Most adults expect teenagers to be lazy, deceitful, and participate in immoral and illegal activities. I want to be the exception; the one to change the status quoe. I don't want to be like every other guy you meet. I want to love selflessly and invest everything I can into helping others. So, does that answer your question? lol

I respectfully disagree. Since most things aren't MADE IN THE USA anymore I find most of the things you are saying totally untrue. Women in third world countries make clothes in factories all day for pennies on the dollar, women work building cars, etc. In this country women work construction, I see them everyday on my way to work. Women also work on farms, perform IT work, work assembly lines next to men, etc. You can get angry at all of the FACTS, but..."it is what it is". I am a fan of men being the "breadwinner", but it is now reality that I find men to be useless. I am MARRIED to a man who works and can provide for HIMSELF...we BOTH work and do our part, but sometimes he does need to be reminded he isn't doing me a favor by working, hes merely providing his half which he would need to do weather I was in the picture or not.

I still have to work to. If a man calls himself a "provider" that implies he makes enough money to PROVIDE for his entire family and that his wife does NOT have to work or provide extra income. She takes care of home and he provides, that is the trade off. I don't applaud a man for working...that is what a real man is supposed to do. I am a married person who willingly excepts 100% of the household responsibilities, works F/T, AND is a student so I wonder what my husbands purpose is? I have many "jobs" to his one. When I complete my Ph.D and make more money his income won't be needed. So what will I NEED him for? There is a CLEAR difference between wanting and needing a man. Usually, women marry for a false sense of security, we want to believe that a man is going to "take care of us" and we he fails at it we get tired of redundant conversations, pull our head out of our ***** and realize we have options. Women are now playing a "mans game" and have in many cases become the "men" they have always wanted. I want a real provider and couldn't find one so I am becoming one. Because I am into gender based traditional roles, I want a man to make more money than I do in order to "need" him. I will be reevaluating my relationship/marriage after I complete my education.

<p>&nbsp;<p>Men still produce virtually all the food, clothing, shelter, energy, transportation, and everything else that whiny misandrist females consume every day to survive. She lives in a house built by men, eats food produced by men, uses a computer built by men and powered with electricity produced by men to spew feminist hate against men. <br />
<br />
I'm not surprised you have problems meeting good manly men. Most manly men won't accept a date with hate even if she pays for it. </p><p></p>