For The Real Women

we are all imperfect. I come as close to being something special on the basketball court. I will use that as my baseline for this too.
Life is tough and shot and people are scared to death and then death does happen.
But you know some men do give life their best and try and show they can overcome the burdens of life and try and live to the best of their ability.
I have struggled a lot- i have lost people in my life, both to death and to circumstances.
Still i always have this ability of getting back to enough sense of self-compassion that i am able to get back out there and back on the basketball court and give it my best.
I do the same with people. I make endless mistakes. Many girls think they are able to crush my spirit but not acknowledging my existence or responding to me.
But life is temporary in nature and time does make me able to brush negativity off.
I sometimes encounter a wonderful girl and she makes me realize that some women are worth getting to know and are willing to know an awesome guy.
I am not perfect, far from it. But i try and give life my best. I need to realize when that 'real woman' who i am also attracted to comes along i need to give her the love and support she deserves.
Also, i am not speaking about just men. There are lots of decent guys out there who are willing to give a girl or woman not just sexual pleasure but also emotional support.
The offer is there take it or leave it.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Very well said and agree with you!! The question I think about is .... Is there realy that one person that can gives us everything we need (?) Mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually!!?? Just a thought! :)

she will be one lucky girl :)

if she is out there- hey we live in the age of the hookup i was thinking courtship still existed- but oops!

she is out there :)

perhaps- never know i guess.