Vicky's Punishment For Smoking...

(note for the readers : I write each of my stories for a specific sub - some are fantasies, some are scenarios that will actually play out, some are stories based on passed experiences. I want to share those stories with EP, because I'm interested in what others think, if they can relate or not, if they have additional ideas, suggestions for other storylines or better yet, suggestions for what I might do additionally, or better... Some stories are descriptive, others are addressing the sub directly, and some are a mix.)

Here’s what’ll happen…

I’ll tell you to undress fully, except for stockings that go until just above your knees. I’ll then hand you a man’s raincoat that goes till just below your knees, and small boots to step into. That would be the first moment you panic, and wonder if you should just run away, or shouldn’t have come to see me in the first place. You’ll want to ask what I have planned, where I will take you, but you know you’re not allowed to talk unless you’re spoken too, and you know I wouldn’t tell you anyways.

I then take the chain you’ve seen already on the table, wondering what it could be, and you’ll get scared again, when you realize it’s a Y shaped nipple-and-**** clamp, with a leather leash attached to it. I warn you that it will hurt a bit in the beginning and every time you make me pull it, but that that is nothing compared to the pain it’ll cause, upon removal. I then attach first the nipple clamps, and then without any warning or hesitation also the **** clamp. I squeeze them on so firmly, you’re convinced you could be hanged from the ceiling with that leash. And of course it hurts immensely, not just a little bit! I then close the coat, putting the leash between the 3rd and 4th button. When I suddenly pull it strongly, you feel how you are basically tied to my every will by both your breasts and your *****. Come, I say. You have no choice but to follow in my steps.

After driving a little while, we stop at what seems like a farm barn. All the way you’ve been terrified of what will come, terrified for being all naked in a moving car, ashamed because you were made to sit with your legs open and the coat lifted, hoping no one would be able to see in the car. Your heart is pounding in your throat, but you can feel it just as well in your terribly excited *****. If only that clamp could be removed. If only you could run away. But you know you are mine, and you have but the choice to obey. You know I am angry for your smoking, and you know the punishment will be intense. But you have no idea of just how bad it will be!

I open the car door on your side, and just before taking you out on the leash, I tell you that inside, you will obey my every wish, you will not speak unless asked to do so by me, and you will be the strongest you can possibly be – because you will be punished severely. You are already on the verge of breaking down, and it all still has to start…

Being guided by the leash, following my steps, you enter a dark, large, smokey room. Some music is playing in the background, and you can see the shapes and shadows of some people, some 6 or 8 of them. Then you realize they are all men, they are all staring at you, and no one is talking – like they are all paused, waiting for… you! You instinctively freeze, only to be dragged along straight away, with a painful pull on your breasts and *****.

I lead you to the bar, and instruct you to sit down – but only after you’ve taken off your coat. You doubt of course, but when you see how my face changes, you decide you have no choice, and you tell yourself to be brave, and do as told.

‘You are here for 2 reasons. First and foremost, for punishment, heavy punishment that’ll take many forms and inflict many emotions – punishment you’ve deserved in 2 ways : a little bit for having waited too long to communicate with me in an open and correct way - for not addressing me properly and using freaking capitals in a mail to your Master ; but mostly for your smoking behavior, and your stupid assumption that the fact that I’m not physically present all the time, would imply that I cannot control your behavior, or that your behavior would not have –painful! consequences.

Secondly, you are here for training – ****** control training. Your rights to come or not come are fully under my control – and so even under the most challenging circumstances, you will need to be able to manage your *******, as instructed by me. In both directions, that is : you will train yourself not to come, when you haven’t got permission – and to come, when you are told too! Given that this training will also serve as punishment, you’d better not expect it to be easy – nor that your failure will be tolerated!

Time to get started… You will do exactly as told. You will be tied in a certain position, so that you are exposed to the whole world. Your *** however will be closed off with a butt plug, and your mouth will be only directed at me. You will not speak, scream, or moan. You will stay in position. You will look into my eyes all the time – also when I’m looking elsewhere. And you will focus on your ******-control.

By now, you have a pretty good idea of what will happen – and you should feel very small… Will you be able to take this? Should you? Do you want to? I’m sure your instincts tell you to get away, but you are here with your Master, and you have only one ambition : to be a good slave to him!
I stand up, pull the leash, and you have to get up as well ; you are trembling. You still can’t really see a lot around, but you know what is out there… I take you to what seems like the middle of the room.

In the ground are 2 metal rings, some 1 meter apart, with leather straps attached to it – I order you to place your feet next to them, and attach you. Nowhere to run anymore, and no way to close your legs. I then order you to bend over, placing your hands on your knees. You hesitate for a few seconds, but when I firmly pull the leash, you obey. You realize that you are fully exposing your *** and ***** to all those shadows around. Surely, they are only there to watch, aren’t they? But then, what did I mean with ‘look into my eyes at all times’? How is that possible when you’re in that position? What are you missing? It’s bad enough your Master will use you in front of all those strangers, but… what else is coming??

I then take some more leather restraints, and tie your left hand to your left thy, just above the knee – and do the same with the right side. You look me in the eyes as told, trying to find some information about what will come, but I’m not looking back – I’m focused on the cuffs. When they’re fixed, I do caress your cheek ever so lightly, and for a tiny second, your fear subsides, and you feel loved, and brave, and you actually are happy to be there, at that very moment, in that exact position, with your Master…

Then I lift your chin with my right hand, and show you a –large!! butt plug – you have no idea where that came from, but you sure know where it’s going... I tell you to open your mouth, to take it in and make it wet, and you do so, doubtfully looking into my eyes, looking for a sign of mercy- but you can’t find it. I take it out of your mouth, turn around you, and before you know it you feel how it is forced deep inside you. You scream, and immediately realize that was a mistake, when you receive some very hard spanks on both cheeks of your butt. You tell yourself to concentrate – but how is that possible…

I come back to your front then, take a bar chair and pull up real close, and sit down – your head is just about between my legs. I put my open hand below your chin, lifting your head a tiny bit, and 2 fingers of my other hand caress your cheek, as I start to talk to you in a very calm but stern voice.
When you smoke, Vicky, and especially when you smoke so much, you are basically showing that you have no respect at all for your body. You don’t care what happens to it, it’s just an object, a functional thing to allow you to do things – not something you should take care off. Well then, let’s act on that – let’s reduce your body from the sacred temple it should be, to a functional object.

You were looking into my eyes the whole time while I was talking to you and I had been looking back, but now you see me lift my eyes, and did I just give a nod to someone? The next moment you hear something behind you, then you feel a hand on your hips, and the next thing you know, someone is entering you with full force! You look at me terrified, questioning, you want to turn your face but I block it – those caressing fingers now turn into firm restraints. You open your mouth to speak, to protest – you don’t want to be ****** by a total stranger, that’s almost like rape, or at least serious abuse – but I warn you not to speak, unless spoken too. All the while, some stranger is holding you by both hips, ******* you increasingly hard, you are looking into my eyes with despair and humiliation, looking for a sign that this isn’t real, or at least that it’ll be over soon – but you find no such thing there…
For that guy, Vicky, and for the others here, your body is but an object, a functional collection of elements, allowing for a good **** : a *****, hips to hold and drive you with, and hair to pull should you try to resist. If you’re allowed to treat your body as an object, so should they. They’ve been instructed not to interact with you in any other way then by penetrating you in your ***** ; you’ll be happy to know I have enough respect for your body to make them wear a condom ; and then removing the condom just in time, to come on your naked back. You will be their cumslut for the next hour or so, until I say it’s enough, until you’ve learned your lesson. You will submit to this reality.

Just then you feel the guy pulling out, and moments later warm strings of ***** cover your back. You feel utterly shocked and disgusted, you look at me with begging eyes, but still there is no sign of relief… Seconds later you feel another penis being forced inside you with full power, and you can’t help but speaking ‘Sir, please let this stop’. Your request is followed immediately by a hard slap in your face – and the instruction to remain silent. Your breath is taken away, you are panicking, and you start to cry. I wipe your tears and for a second you think you see pity in my eyes, but I don’t make the stranger, that creep who is abusing you, stop… Soon after, you feel his ***** covering your back. You try to escape your body in your mind, to focus on my eyes, your Master who is so cruel to you – but this is just too much to handle.

Now, Vicky, while you are being punished, let’s start the training exercise. Let’s focus on your ******, you hear me say. Your eyes open widely and you frown and look at me completely baffled, you can’t believe what you just heard – how could you think about coming, when you feel degraded, humiliated to the core of your body, publically abused and reduced to… an object… And as if those thoughts were not enough, at that exact moment you feel another dose of anonymous ***** splashing on your back.

It’ll stop when you haven completely given yourself to me, Vicky, not before. Concentrate on the penetration – and you feel another penis slipping into you. You’ve lost count of the faceless men that used you like a cheap prostitute tonight – and you’re disgusted by yourself and angry at me for putting you through this – but you’re also excited at some perverted level, and you’re actually proud for how strong you’ve been during this punishment – you are a good slave, you realize, and the thought send shivers through your body.

Prepare to come, Vicky, but not before I tell you to.

You look into my eyes, and you know you actually might come, even though you don’t want to. But the **** is deep inside you and you are wet as hell, your knees tremble and it’s not just from being scared, or being bend over for so long. And in my eyes, you don’t see rejection, you see acceptance of who you really are.

Come now, Vicky.

And you do, harder then you’ve ever come before.

I caress your hair, and smile at you. Good girl.
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Jan 23, 2013