Bobbittize Them!

--- By Becky Romero ---

First of all, everyone has to make their own decision whether fighting back will help or worsen the situation. There is no one glove size fits all; every situation is different.

But it is a shame that more rapists don't get their dicks chopped off.

I was attacked and partially ******** in an empty high school hallway after school by a jerk who didn't know what ''NO'' meant before I kicked the bastard in the balls.

One of my close girlfriends had to fight off two attackers in a much more dangerous, indeed life-threatening situation. She admits now it perhaps wasn't one of the wisest choices to have made by initially confronting them but she's not sorry about the results by any means.

She was spending the weekend at her cousin's house when late one night she heard glass shattering up and down the street and car alarms were going off. What was happening was that a couple of gang-bangers were smashing the windshields of cars up and down the street with baseball bats.

Worried about her new car, Belinda, who sleeps in the nude, jumped out of bed and grabbed nothing more than her cousin's robe and went storming outside, yelling and swearing at the vandals to ''leave my ******* car alone.''

They obviously took one look at her and got their minds off of vandalizing cars. One of the gang-bangers dropped his baseball bat to the ground and pulled out a knife and held it at my friend's throat while he slide off her robe. He then grabbed her and threw her into the back seat of their car on her back while his friend opened the driver's door and got in.

But as the first bastard unzipped his fly and began to crawl into the back seat, Belinda kicked him in the mouth, knocking out a couple of his front teeth. As he fell backwards in pain she climbed out. The guy grabbed the knife again but Belinda grabbed the robe and threw it around the guy's arm, twisting him around and making the knife fall loose before she pushed him to the ground. When he got up and charged at her she already had the baseball bat in her hands and my friend, who was a two-time softball all-star in high school, swung and connected, breaking several of the guy's ribs and sending him to the ground in extreme pain. By this time, the creep's friend had gotten out of the car and also charged at her. She swung again, this time lower and instantly broke the guy's kneecap. A second swing at him broke his left arm.

Neighbors who had earlier heard the windshields smashing had already called the police. Two officers were there a couple minutes later and when they got there they found Belinda, still naked and with her foot grinding at the second guy's balls, holding the bat with a tight grip ready to swing at the guy's head if he so much as flinched, cussing and spitting at him. The first guy was in pain and agony, his **** still sticking out of his open fly.

The two creeps saw the police and started screaming, ''Help us, man! ... This ***** is ******* crazy!... She's gonna kill us!'' The officers got Belinda to back off and called an ambulance.

The two hoodlums were charged with multiple counts of vandalism, assault, attempted kidnapping and attempted rape. One of the officers couldn't help remark to the local neighborhood weekly (the reporter lived on the street and his wife brought Belinda a coat to put on) that the two were out on parole and would therefore probably be going to jail for quite a while ''once they get out of the hospital. Should be interesting how they explain to other inmates later how they got their butts kicked by a 5' 7'', 115 pound, 18-year old naked teenage girl.''
BeckyRomero BeckyRomero
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Shouldn't you fight back against predators in general? Any kind of predator?

Also, where the **** do you live where all this horrible **** happens and where men behave so horribly?

What the ****....

ANY male[didn't say man]who would rape or sexually abuse anyone,needs close medical help[brain and body]There is no excuse.If a physical problem[rare]med treatment,shots and inplants,no hoping they take med's.If mental same thing.If ever again anything near to it,castration,remove the male hormone,cut the nerve to let him get hard.He doesn't need it hard ever again.This is more humane then cutting if off,But would be very effective while serving a life sentance.

I consider circumcision sexual abuse. They strapped me to a table and cut the most sensitive and nerve riddled part of my **** off.

Circumcision is knife rape. I feel violated and abused and I want my ******* foreskin back ! IT WAS MINE AND THEY STRAPPED ME TO A TABLE SPREAD MY LEGS AND CUT MY PENIS!! SICK ******* BASTARDS!!!

Do you mind telling your senior year story when you were 18 (as you mentioned on your home page)?

HedgeHippie, I believe she said it was only her friend who was teaching those clowns a lesson and I'm glad to hear her friend now admits that "it perhaps wasn't one of the wisest choices to have made". Actually it was a very stupid choice to have made and hopefully anybody reading this story realizes that. A car isn't something worth risking your life for. Not even if you're a 220, 6'4 male who's well versed in Thai box, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Let alone a 5'7, 115 former baseball female pla<x>yer.

The whole idea of castrating a rapist is stupid. I understand the idea but anyone who knows anything about rape knows it is not at all about sex. It is about power and control. Castration would not solve the problem

Go to youtube and type \'\'neonatal circumcision\'\' and watch the first video.

THAT is about power and control.