Taking My Role Seriously

After engaging in TIH with my wife, I had come to a realization about the importance of my role.
H and I had a blow up together several days ago. She made a statement to me that she wanted a man who would take charge and make our decisions. After that little spout, i told her to get up and get to the bedroom and laid her over the bed and began to take care of buisness. I began to think about what had just taken place in the confines of my mancave. What she said stuck in my head. The effect this had was tremendous. I realized that I was not being 100% commuted to my role as head of household, and that my leniency was causing more problems than it was helping to put to bed. I needed to be fully committed, and she needed to fully relinquish control to me.
In our discussion I told her there will be no more extra "chances" because she was taking advantage.
Time will be set aside every night so that if punishment is required, a time will be available.
I have written out the gray areas into black and white. I only hope to be firm, and fair.
I love my wife, committed and pledged my everything. Being her rock means being her guiding hand.
I wanted the 100% control, and as much as she resisted the idea, she understood she wanted that as well.
I guess this isn't as much of a story as it is a public announcement of what I believe is right.
After our session, I felt relieved and renewed with the desire to keep things going in a more direct head of household fashion.
Just being in charge is not enough, taking charge of my wife and installing a desire to be submissive is my true goal.
She's still a bit nervous, after all, the last year that I have been doing this, she has been able to talk her way out of things, or I would let her reason with me. It's a big change for the both of us, but the ground rules are set.
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Control issues..proof here..

sounds like you have the business taken in hand :o)

I saw your wife had said you and was very curious to see how a level minded guy would explain their relationship. I have mentioned to my husband he should join me on this site. Your relationship seems much like ours and I wish you the best of luck!! I know as a woman we want you to stick to your grounds and be firm. It makes us feel loved and safe.... best of luck.

I wish there were more men and women out there like the two of you! God bless!!

Thank you and God bless!