Your Loving Obedient Wife...

feels like the happiest woman in the world because what my husband does and provides for me and our family.. No One ever has ever made me feel special and for that I dedicate my life to his happiness which is through my submission to him, trust in him and admiration for him. Through my obedience to him, he receives the love and up most respect from me. Thats how I show my love for him by obeying his wishes, demands, and commands.
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Sounds like an ideal wife/female to me-lucky guy,your man.

What commands does he give you?

I'm still waiting

How long do you have to wait?

Speaking as a husband with strong authority in our home, I say it's a two way street. Men can't expect respect and deference from a wife who can't trust them to be honest, to be loving to their children, to do their best for the family, to use resources wisely, to allow them dignity and wish them success in the world outside the home. I am quite aware that our way of marriage is unpopular and conflated with bigotry against gays, with right wing politics in general. I'm well aware that if my wife's friends knew how she feels about me, she would be pitied and I would be suspected of being abusive and narcissistic. Which makes it all the more important to me that there be no confusion. My wife and I believe that male authority in a marriage between a man and a woman, in sexual relations and in decision making in general, is natural and makes for a happy life. We don't believe that it is for everyone, or that it should be a license for a man to work out his anger issues, or his relationship with his parents, or his bullied childhood, or whatever it might be. We don't believe that women should be limited to certain kinds of work or have their creativity and intelligence stifled. If that is happening, then the relationship is not natural, it's stunted. Many will not understand us, and see our relationship as contradictory. But that's okay, we don't need permission or affirmation. For us, it's freedom. We get to be ourselves, not pretend to be the same, not pretend we are androgynous robots without primal feelings. For us, it is love at its finest. Our relationship is not tethered to money or career, it is rooted in our deepest selves. Best wishes to all, and sincere hopes that each find the keys to true love and commitment. Life is short, don't waste time on empty pursuits.

So, you're looking for a man with a god complex who you can enable, thus releasing yourself of the responsibility for your own life.
so sad.

being obedient is fun and games till one day he punches you in the head and gives you a concussion. I was obedient once too. Now I have my own mind. I don't feel rejected and unloved anymore. He had me running in circles and I could never run fast enough.

im sorry for what happened to you... be obedient to the man God has for you

he is a sex addict, selfish, untrustworthy, and lacks any self esteem or motivation. I will not be obedient to someone who can't even take care of himself, let alone, me.

Like it. it's hard to explain to most people why some women want (or need) a relationship like that, i wishh i could have the words like u do, it would be a lot easier. :)

im so sorry about what has happened to you... i hope for nothing but the best for you

I completely agree good message!!

a wife does not have to obey everything her husbands says - what planet are you living on? - anyone who says a wife must obey everything her husbands says is a complete jackass - good luck to you - you have earned a trip to the block list - anyone who agrees with you are jackasses also

I am completely with you,Obey,your'e his equal not his slave.While he does as he pleases, you ***** your self of any dignity and your right to be yourself no independence.Do you wipe his back side?

I wish I could "like" your statement a million times!!!

Sorry, I don't mean to argue, but she is saying that she shows her love by being obedient. She isn't saying that she has to obey. I agree that a woman should have a mind of her own, but what better way to say "I love you" than trying to satisfy his every want?

Who ARE you and where you from????
I REALLY enjoyed reading your hearts desire, it's just a pity there's not a lot of women like you in the world today, many are very cheeky and are feminists. I personally think you have the RIGHT attitude
As for me, I'm a rather loving and sensitive person but I can be VERY strict on how obedient my woman must be too, even to the extent that she needs to ask permission if she wants to go somewhere etc, the more obedient she is, the more loving and appreciative I become towards her. Yea, perhaps I'm an extremist when it comes to this, so what, better than being abusive if she DISobeys

I think you are awesome!! Exacty what I want and need in a husband, someone who loves me enough to create and maintain a strict family structure... sounds wonderful to me

Im curious to know how you would discipline your wife for disobedience and what are some more ofyour strict rules?

No your words are very clear, and you gave me alot of details.. I truly want to give my future husband my all... I want to obey him, I want to have his permission and I want to fulfill his wants, needs and desires. I desire to be an obedient wife, I believe the way you described a marriage to operate is the way it should be. As a wife, I reflect my husband and I always want to represent him well. The very best of me at all times is what will be exhibited in front of others and behind closed doors.

TELL me about it!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if this woman is still single? I think after THIS episode she's not going to be single for much longer, I for myself, my heart is actually racing at the moment (as I write), but, I think, her question #2's answer?
She wasn't very impressed, so I lost out lol, but, this is what I want so
Then you get the GUYS on the other hand:....
Guy: "hey b....c, come here"
and she must adhere, lol
for ME, that's just NOT on!!!!
Get the guys who just TOTALLY take advantage of the situation and she must adhere lol
To THOSE guys, I say, DON'T get married, you'll be more hindrance than a joy!!!
I just flippen WISH there were MORE women out there like this...honestly
:( :(
I think the man will be in the clouds rest of his LIFE lol

Thank you Sumnerkagan....
and yes i ammore than impressed with you zukies, we would enjoy our life together because we share the same beliefs,

No im a completely single 29, soon to be 30 year old woman

Kream, are you married? If so, do you know anyone who has the same ideals as you???
It's SO hard to find a GOOD woman nowadays!!

Most of them are FEMINISTS now

To the women: you DON'T know how much your "womanhood" rubs off on a man, they seem to be like..."programmed" or something, they get turned on and off VERY easily lol
I for one am PRETTY sensitive, I turn on and off like a switch, it puts me off when I feel she's not obedient, when she IS I'm in the clouds

I'm not married, I sleep alone every night.. No most women I know dont share the same beliefs.

Kream, I would like to get to know you better, but...where lol, wow, I must say, I think you sound AMAZING woman to say LEAST (holy cow lol). I'm 41. I'm also been trying to edit my last....LONG insert ;) I was lying down and thought about good example of her "strict" obedience, will try again see if I can come right, but boy, I need to get to know REALLY

I not surprised (most women), look at lovely little responses now pouring in lol,
show me how to send you private message? I very new to this site so don't know much lol

Hello ;)
Your first question:
I LIVE...for an obedient woman!!! As for her disobedience? Well, if I feel THAT close to her (which is VERY possible because her obedience seems to soften me up) I could NEVER...raise my hand to her, for PHYSICAL violence and abuse, it doesn't EXIST in my language so for your answer if she disobeys I would just FEEL disappointed, towards her I would be angry with her in the way that she can FEEL and KNOW by my actions that there's something wrong, yes, I would be cross with her and become...less "attentive" towards her, I wouldn't be AS romantic (compliments, kisses etc, etc), she would SEE and KNOW there's something wrong because of the bit of "neglect" from my side, also, mentally on my side in MY mind I feel I've made wrong decision by having her. I mean...I believe in some women it's built IN them to obey their man, now she's showing "other" colors; for me, I feel like I've failed because of this, in my mind, I'm LITERALLY thinking..."Agh...DO what you want!" in an angry sort of manner, but i won't SAY this to her, is just how I feel.
I don't know, to me an obedient wife keeps my HEART pumping, it's my OXYGEN, it keeps me GOING as a man, I would RATHER remain single than have a dominant wife, it SOOO turns me off!!!!
how about this for analogy:
it's like a spiral, the more obedient she is and becomes, the more loving I become (I don't know about other guys but that's
Second question:
Actually...a bit of embarrassing one I must admit so I REALLY don't know how to answer which is probably going to turn you off ANYway now, yes, some women might now say "oh, if he loves me he won't hurt or do or say anything that can and will cause me harm", but for me is ALL just, part of obedience, I suppose men like this attitude (including me) because I want to know she'll obey no matter WHAT, otherwise....for me, it wouldn't work (she SAY she obey but...) THAT doesn't work for me, is like...a half bake.
Some strict rules:
She would need permission to perhaps visit a friend, she would need to tell me where she's going, what she's doing (if she's out the house), she would ask me what she's going to wear, if it's ok if she wears, if not, she must change it. I would tell her WHAT to wear, if I don't like the dress she's wearing she mustn't wear it again. Even if she is watching her FAVORITE movie and I tell her "love, go to bed", she will politely get up and go to bed even if it's 4pm in afternoon, I'll then come to her a little later and we sit in bed and cuddle (but...if she's watching her movie, she CAN say to me "love, would you mind if I finish my MOVIE first???" if I say no then she needs to adhere

an example of her obedience no matter what
Me: "hello love, here's some shoes I found that I like that I want you to wear"
Wife(thinking): "WHAT! These shoes are GROCE!! and they even LOOK uncomfortable!"
Wife: "honey, do you really think they suit me, I don't know if they fit me very well either?"
Me: "baby...."
Wife: "ok love, I'll wear them"

Few hours later...
Wife and I sitting down in tv lounge

Wife(taking shoes off slowly): "ohhhhh, my feet are SO sore!"
Me:"oh, love, let me see"
I take a look with her legs on my lap
Me: "oh, NOOOO, you got BLISTERS! My love, you don't move around anymore until your feet are feeling better ok?"
Wife: "yes dear"

We watch tv a little bit and I am massaging her legs

Bit later I will get up and go make some food for us, I have barred her from moving around so I must do things for her and care for her because she obeyed...regardless so it's MY fault she's got blisters and sore feet. So, I'm a retard for forcing this on her but...she obeyed so for ME, this means LOT more than her overreacting and causing tension in between us AND I learn a little more, I can't expect her to walk around with NEW shoes and go to town etc IN new shoes. For ME, is better SELF learning than her TRYING teach me lesson but...if happens again, I expect her full obedience...AGAIN (yes, sounds absurd, so what). Through HER continual obedience she makes me WANT to care for and admire her even MORE

I think the WHOLE issue trust between man and woman (if she doesn't obey)
I really HOPE your questions have been answered and yes, you OR anyone else in this thread can CALL me crazy or...mad or dillusional because of question 2 (ESPECIALLY feminists! i think because of YOU the divorce rate is so high, think about it, you have argument with your husband and cheek him, how's he SUPPOSED to feel???? and if you're obedient he won't RAISE his voice to you because you've softened him UP so much, I really believe....although they say men are the leaders but it's actually the other way ROUND, the woman can "twist man's arm" to let him make decision according to what SHE say ;) so...out in the open, yes men are leaders, under the "skin" it's actually the other way ROUND lol, but if she's going to disobey, she's not going to get anywhere with him, just...his back)...whatever, this is just how I am
Wow Kream19, you've REALLY started something here (well at least with ME you have) lol, those first words of yours (especially..."dedicated my LIFE to his happiness" and "show him my love towards him by obeying his commands"....WOW!, wow, wow lol (especially the last sentence, it shows TRUST from her side and pure commitment)....SO beautiful and I believe that they (your words) are the essence of a BEAUTIFUL marriage, a marriage...that can (and I don't know HOW though) just go spiral out of control when it comes to love, enjoyment etc, but...for ME, to HAVE this "beautiful" marriage I need to KNOW....that she will obey...reGARDLESS. I don't know, maybe I stand alone here (compared to other men) but this just me.
I'm just thinking now....about...effort from his side, if SHE is obedient, he will make EFFORT to do things for her if she likes, (for ME, I'll sometimes ask her, is there anything that I do, that you absolutely adore? if there IS, then you KEEP doing man, if there's things that you (as man) NOT doing, then you make effort TO do, for example: "oh honey, I REALLY enjoy flowers", so even though you have NEVER got her flowers, once a month at paycheck time you go to florist and GET, make it ROUTINE, through your efforts you are showing how much you appreciate her....(for me, is how obedient she has been for me) and I ASSUME, she'll FEEL wanted and worth something even though she doesn't work and not bringing money in)
You really put a good twist on how a woman can show her love, it's a COMPLETE different way to the "norm", "oh" she says, "I show him my love by mothering him and caring for him", for me this doesn't work, for me, if she wants to show her love, she does through complete trust through complete obedience, for ME, this keeps my marriage "alive"
wow again lol nice one kream
For ME...her obedience is showing her complete commitment to me and...I TRUST her more (that she won't go messing around) because she is making SO much effort IN obeying her man, why make so much effort in a marriage that isn't worth much (in other words, IF she has boyfriend or what, she wouldn't even BOTHER, it's too much EFFORT from her side...for him)
Hope I haven't confused anyone with any of my words???
This thread is beautiful...
I was just googling about obedient women and look what I came across ;)

I really love the way you taken the time to really break it down, i fully understand and appreciate a man of your caliber. Men like you are very rare and hard to find.. its really in my nature to be submissive in relationships for some reason. Do you believe in spanking of any kind?

First of all, thanks for compliment but, I actually turn it AROUND, it's WOMEN like you who are extremely rare, ESPECIALLY in today's world! You remind me of a TYPICAL traditional girl (something that has been lost in the years). I HONESTLY, DON'T know why I enjoy more traditional girls but...if it's the catalyst for keeping a marriage together, why the h...ll not??? It might not SOUND like the ideal but, if it keeps a man and woman together...I mean, look at the divorce rate today and it's climbing even FURTHER.
Your question about spanking:
It's in my nature not to hit a woman, not at all, in fact, I have a very soft spot for women who DO get abused physically by their husbands, ESPECIALLY women like you who TRULY, DON'T deserve the abuse (THEM, and animals). But...I DO have my limits (as with everyone), but Kream, it doesn't seem like you are the type who would actually to those limits lol, from what I read, you are sooooo...(what's the word), gentle, easy-going? So, with those attributes I wouldn't even THINK about spanking you so, answer? NO I said in my previous insert she will actually FEEL "neglected" by my actions (lack of romance, attention etc), that's about as far as it will go really. But...something that IS bothering me though, CAN one really base their marriage..on things like this??? I mean, can love really develop from this kind of relationship? I don't know, to me if it works before marriage and feelings of enjoyment are getting stronger by the DAY, why not after the wedding day???? (just my 5c)
It seems also like the woman has in influence on me, if she has a calming personality, it's how I will be. If she's aggressive in person, it will rub off on me too into anger, resulting in MENTAL abuse (not physical). I hope this answers you?
I have heard of a couple where he LOVES the obedience and they're married, SHE says, she (as an obedient wife) can't live without him but, he DOES sometimes go a bit overboard and she goes off at him lol (mmmm)

what about your needs wants and desires?

those pesky men and women who believe in equality

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As it was meant to be between a man and his girl...

someday this will become a reality

wow hope im a good husband one day! =D

you will be an awesome husband one day

ha ha thanks! =D

"No One ever has ever made me feel special and for that I dedicate my life to his happiness which is through my submission to him, trust in him and admiration for him." If someone is nice to you they can treat you any way they want to...this is so sad and pathetic that someone requires you to be submissive so you can have someone to treat you special.

i dont understand? but thank you anyway

Wonderful! You sound so happy and content. That is so nice...

I wish you a deep satisfying relationship for years to come...

When I become Taken in Hand... will be the happiest day of my life!!

Beautifully explained. I wish more men understood the dynamics of this kind of partnership. Gaining my respect is the key to allowing me to be the best woman I can be for myself and my man. If anyone knows a single man who gets this...send him this way please!!

I couldn't agree with you more!!

Beautifully explained. I wish more men understood the dynamics of this kind of partnership. Gaining my respect is the key to allowing me to be the best woman I can be for myself and my man. If anyone knows a single man who gets this...send him this way please!!

Beautifully explained. I wish more men understood the dynamics of this kind of partnership. Gaining my respect is the key to allowing me to be the best woman I can be for myself and my man. If anyone knows a single man who gets this...send him this way please!!

How lovely. Thank you for sharing with us

Very nice.

So beautiful. I share your attitude entirely.

Thank you

That's a good girl.

Loved to read this.

I mean this from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul!!!