Should Be Like That

To be scolded and told that I've been bad.

Being sent to a room to wait.
Being Told to Assume the Position.

Being Told to Fetch the Implement.
Be surprised and taken without any warning

Lying face down, or under my Master feet.
Lying Over the masters lap.

Kneeling at my Master feet.

Make me feel how bad slave i'm, i have to take all my Master punishment.

The master knows me better than myself because he owns me. i'm his slave, and a *****.
Modytota Modytota
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I do agree women should do as there told we she be seen and not heard

It is so great to find lady like you agree on that. ;)

My bf has got me my own collar and I sleep on the floor in are room

Awesome, that's how slave/sub girl like you should sleep, on the floor like a pet lol :)

I'm getting a butt plug with a tail in it and I will be sleeping with the dog from next week my bf/ master is hoping we will mate

........ interesting......

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