I believe this in a sense, I'm married to my best friend, he's amazing. I "obey" him, not in a crazy way but he is my man, I do believe that husband have some authority over their wives. But it's a two way street as well, you can't tell us we can't do something and then do it yourself, you must lead by example. But he gets anything sexual when he wants, if he wants me to clean something specific I will, anything he wants to eat he gets. His only worries are providing for us.

Men can be dominant in a non violent way, I will never do something for him if he was ever violent.
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As the man finds her to be a good or even great prospective mate he will undoubtedly reach deeper from within to reveal a much stronger, focused, harnessed power to be the better person he needs and should be for that special one!

Kiss you, good for you and totally agree with you,

my husband and are are like that as well....

Good for you! At times are you turned over his knee too.

Oh by the way it's not easy

I been married for 44 years yes it takes respect and trust still got to be 50-50 so thumbs up to you you might last that long

So does he spank the daylights out of you if you need it?

I just said there doesn't need to be violence?

A spanking is not necessarily violence - it could be sexual and you did say "he gets anything sexual when he wants", so I'm just clarifying.

but by all means, if you consider it it violence then it is!

Remember, a lot of women misbehave on purpose to get a spanking, so it becomes a game.

Ok yeah no sexual as in sex and bjs or whatever else, not spanking, that's stupid. I'm a woman not a child.

Spanking may not be sexual to you, but to a lot of women and men it is. Well, at least you did clarify your position.

Maybe you should broaden your horizon and be open to new and erotic ideas? I think you may like it!

Trust me I've "broadened" my horizons, spanking is not something I'm into, I'll have ********** and stuff, and we have, but I'm not doing weird **** lol

You should not be so judgmental. To me, ********** ARE weird ****, but spanking is not. Everybody has their own cup of tea, so lets no pooh pooh some else's tea!

And spanking is weird **** to me, Idc if someone is into BDSM or whatever it's none my business ☕️☕️☕️

I sort have agree with pleaser11 on this one, My bf (was my future husband at the time) asked and asked not to late for our dates, I was always late to everything, once we were having extra important date and I was Hour late and he gave a very real spanking and it made huge improvement in me and in our relationship

Thank you for backing me up. As you everyone is different and what is weird to someone is fun and interesting to someone else. Sometimes we don't even know what we like (and don't like) until we try it.

Spankings Are so liberAting and just amazing you might find you like it

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