Women Should Obey

How social morale would be improved if women went back to their traditional roles as wives and mothers instead of fighting their own biology.  How much safer the world would be if women cared for and brought up their children instead of letting them roam free, getting up to mischief and often crime for the want of attention, while their mothers are out to work.  And how much more work would be available for the men if women left the workforce.  At a stroke we would all be better off - the strain on commuter transport would immediately be halved, wages would increase, children would be better cared for and less liable to get into trouble, neighbourhoods would become more friendly and safer.

There is not the slightest need for a married woman to have financial independence.  Her only concerns in life should be in pleasing her husband and being a good mother.  But a husband has a duty to ensure that her material needs are met, and to govern her kindly and well.  I also believe that a man who has money enough to keep more than one wife should be able to, legally.

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you can revers it also.... world would safe if men start living at home and do chorus. women would be more happy, confident, safe. there is no slightest need for a man to have financial independence.

I completely disagree! Women have the right and the desire to explore career opportunities as much as men. I could never feel safe depending on any man for financial security. When men are in power over women they can be tyrannical and abusive. All one must do is check out the nations of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and most of Asia to see just how ugly patriarchy can be. I value my human rights too much to give my power away. As far as multiple wives go, try that one on me and I would be showing you the door and "don't let it hit your *** on the way out" thank you.

I don't think deleted is talking about non-western countries

Don't agree with this AT all. A woman should be give the right just as much as a boy to work and discover the world for herself.. I'm a girl, and we RULE! :D

oh so so right <br />
1 of the best blogs i have read on EP.<br />
Its the way the world was meant to be my life style is <br />
very simalar to this and looking at some of yr other post i think you <br />
are in rthe same style .

There are certain circumstances where plural marriages can work. The key to their success is communications. A man just can't bring in another girl and expect it to work. There has to be chemistry between the girls, too, otherwise it just can get ugly.

Lmao! No sorry, no twin sister. I've just re read the bit about a man having two wives. That for me would never work. I would be far to jealous and those other wives had better watch out! I do everything I do for my husband because I know he cherishes me and because he cherishes me I want to please him in every way possible.

I am a surrendered wife and I agree with everything you've said. It's such a shame more people don't see it.

I am a surrendered wife and I agree with everything you've said. It's such a shame more people don't see it.

you are only thinking of yourself

I liked your blog very much, but have to disagree the last sentence.He should cherish his wife and more than one could lead to jealousy.