That Much I Know

There are flowers in my Mother's garden, petunias I think, that bow their blooms when the sun sets. Sometime during the night, these flowers move to the eastern edge of the planter, still seemingly asleep.

Then, as the tight-knit fabric of night is pulled off the sky, and the morning sun starts yawning awake, these flowers rouse. They watch in admiration as their warm and radiant friend climbs out of bed and brightens the air around them.

Throughout the day, each and every bloom faithfully arc their heads, following the slow, graceful curve of that stellar beauty, not wanting to miss a moment in her presence.

And as the sun finds peace within the shadows of the horizon, and gives the moon and stars their moment to shine, those flowers, every one of them, bow in silence to the passing of another day with her.

It was in witnessing this that a revalation occurred to me.

During the night, in the shadows of darkness, those flowers are still moving. They are swinging themselves around for the start of another day.

In that moment, I realized those faithful flowers were still following her, feeling her presence, her energy, through the earth itself, as they moved into their expectant stance for one more glimpse of her as she awoke.

Baby, I love you like that xx
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I love you x