I Read Your Confession

I don't believe you have to be perfect to respond to confessions. You don't have to have the perfect answer either. You don't have to have all of life figured out. Half the time, people aren't really looking for answers, they just have a profound need to share a deep thought that they can't trust anyone with, but they are hoping to hear from anyone interested in listening here on EP.

As long as you are not encouraging someone to hurt themselves or anyone else, or saying something hurtful...I think your natural reaction would probably be appreciated.

My theory is that people don't always need perfect answers.... we just need to feel that someone out there is listening to us.

I guess if you have been wanting to say something and don't know what to say...say that. IDKWTS...but I want you to know, I read your confession. It just an idea for those of you who want to reach out but don't know how to.

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6 Responses Mar 12, 2009

i like your reply and yes nothing is perfect in confession what you express is the one that you experience and nothing to be ashame of that....

No-one is perfect anyway

I agree with everything u write.theres not a perfect answer..what makes an answer important is that it seems someone pay attentinn to u,cares about what u say,thats important.i might get a message saying just hi..thanxs just for that..confessions or stories,u dont need to have an excellent answer,just b there for others

Yes, you are right. Just someone to hear you is enough.

Gm well said ........ it only takes a few words in the commemt box and you can make a difference ......<br />
for some just knowing that they have been listed to is enough ...<br />
<br />

IDKWTS, but I read your story and it was helpful and shows you are caring person. Thnks.