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Last Night

I've been facing so many medical issues, as of late. I believe in many things; one of which, is the power of prayer, and keeping yourself surrounded with positive thoughts.
Last night, the physical pain became so unbearable, combined with the mental and emotional anguish ( being unable to control when the surgery will take place, waiting for my doctor to prescribe medication, etc. )~ I literally rolled myself into the fetal position and cried. As this was going on, I had many reaching out to me. I finally stopped crying long enough to pay attention to a text from my Beloved. He ordered me to change the channel on the television, and just listen. It was a comedy show dedicated to military troops, with several comedians performing. Within a few minutes, I was drying my tears, and a few chuckles escaped. 15 minutes into the show I was laughing out loud. My phone rang, and there he was, my Soul Mate telling me he was so very happy his Angel was no longer crying. How he knew laughter was the best he could offer me at that moment. I shall treasure his gift forever... 
angelwings626 angelwings626 46-50, F 10 Responses Mar 17, 2011

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Bless you, Sister... I wish I could be here more often, but life, pain, n adjustments are still being made. Having said that, I love n miss you soooo. xxoo~t

My sweet lil sis, I'm so glad for you xxx

Amen, my dear friend. He & I are now together, 24/7. I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Hi my friend.i can feel your pain as i read your story.I am too in pain daily.But its those love and concern from our love ones that make our pain disappear.Thank God for them.

Sweet, clever man. Laughing really does help magnificently. Ah, Angel, you poor thing, the waiting is awful! X@

It's a deal!!!!!!!

sounds like we met at the right time... we'll keep each other from going crazy by reading everyone else's crazy moments-- and hopefully laugh along the way! hugssssssssssssss and giggles

Thanks ... I am grateful to be vertical today. I have 2 months to wait for the surgery, so I try to make each day count. ( bureaucratic red tape and insurance companies ridiculous policies in effect )

I agree with you. He is an amazing soul, and the love he has for me is evident in everything he says and does. I am blessed beyond measure, Sister. xxoo T~

Aaw, he sounds like a very wise man ... and one who loves you very much! Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes the most precious gifts are those given in love and cost us nothing but a moment of our time. Blessings sweet Angel :)