I got married at 16 and my husband was 26, and there were a lot of people that said it would never last. Although most of my family were supportive I know behind my back there were a lot of people talking ****.

Looking back six years later I can understand how some people might have thought it was the wrong decision at my age but it has been an absolutely fantastic marriage. I am a stepmom to two girls who call me Mom and who I love to death.

And some of the people that criticized our marriage have been divorced now or have cheated on their spouses. So my point is that whether it is a young marriage or an older marriage...everyone is different and some can work and some can't. So let's not judge young marriages!!!
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I am trying, thanks to you.

You know you're a redneck when....

i expect had you done this when you were 18 and he was 28 they wouldn't have grumbled as much ! you know what o so many people judge without looking deeper. and im guessing if an age gap is a problem for people its only coz they care and are worried etc....but you prooved them wrong it obviously means you were soul mates...and i allways think it's best to take all facts into concideration before jumping in and casting judgements.....

Thank you for your kind words and I agree whether I was 16 or 18 it wouldn't have stopped the gossip.