I Believe: I Try to

I believe in God, or at least I try to and want to. I'm pretty sure I do, well I'm sure I do otherwise I wouldn't talk (pray) to him, go to church or any of that jazz. sometimes I do find myself looking for reasons not to believe. I think that despite my convictions and despite the faith I profess to have I'm scared I'm wrong. I know through my experiences and the changes that have happened to me that there is a God I have a relationship with, that I have to have a relationship with.

But what if someone could offer me proof, undeniable proof of there isn't a God or any spiritual realm. Would I hang onto my beliefs? would my conviction be too strong to accept this? and would that be commendable to keep the faith even in the face or evidence to the contrary?

Visa versa if some of my more skeptical (I am  not a Christian who only hangs out with other Christians, most of my friends,and family coincidentally, are extremely atheistic) could be confronted with hard evidence of the existence of God, the divinity of Jesus or the reality and achievability of salvation would they jump at the chance.

I think what I'm trying to say is that I don't want my or someone elses lack of belief stop them or me from accepting the truth. I suspect however that if someone was to find evidence either way the faithful of us would be much slower to change their ways that the non-believers. I know I would find it hard to accept that what I was living was wrong.

tryingtobeme tryingtobeme
22-25, M
Aug 13, 2008