Belief (or, How I Wish The World Was)

In my universe, everyone is a part of the same whole.  Like parts of cells that are parts of a body, everything plays it's part in this symphony of chaos.  The universe is immortal and timeless, spiralling outwards in steady circles; getting ever larger yet staying the same size.  Time is for those inside the spiral, simply to mark the difference between one ring (section of time) and another.

There is no "God" as is explained by religion.  The universe as a whole is GoD, including every watt of energy, star, planet, person, and subatomic particle.  Everything that is manifest in this universe is the direct intention of itself as it moves forward, which is based on all previous experience.  The experience that manifests itself in this moment is the product of all previous intent.  The experience is changed when the intentions are changed.

Every one of us is the universe in ourselves, and every part of us is the universe.  If we make an intention, that intention becomes a part of the world around us and inside us; every thought forms another thread in the tapestry that is the collective experience, colored by the coexisting emotion that occurs with that thought.  Thoughts with no emotional significance manifest faintly, while those associated with intense emotions will stand out with prominance.  Thoughts of hatred manifest war and violence, thoughts of love manifest compassion and kindness.

In any perfect system, every part of the system works together towards the same purpose.  Like a working automobile, or our own bodies, every cog and cell plays its role.  Problems occur when parts of the system take on a contradictory purpose, like a cell that refuses to stop dividing, or a piston that fires at a different time.  Unchecked, these sorts of problems will often destroy a system from the inside, but the longer a system has existed the more likely they will occur since systems inevitably become more complicated and less stable.

Now, the only discernable purpose that the universe has is to keep moving forward.  The spiral never stops.  Every system is in a perpetual state of evolution and extinction; if it doesn't do one, it does the other.  It seems though that once a system has evolved to a certain height, it is doomed to collapse under it's own weight; its corpse to provide the sustainance for the next generation.

Every cell in a system can become the cancer that kills the system.  If we want to change the world, we really only have to do one thing: change ourselves.  By changing our intentions and beliefs, we can make the world however we want it to be.  If we don't like the way things are being done, we can change them.  If we want something to happen we can make it happen!  GoD is you!  Shed your fear and embrace your role as GoD, and you can change anything.

"Become the change you would see in the world."  Ghandi

NeonBlueMidnight NeonBlueMidnight
26-30, M
Apr 8, 2010