Why Wouldn't They Be?

I do think all women are bisexual in some way or another, some just don't want to admit it. The female body is amazing! It is soft and subtle and (personal hyiene depending) can give off the sweetest smell. It is totally fine to prefer sex with a man as opposed to a woman, but you can not deny the luring sentuality of a woman. If you are just curious about being with a woman but haven't actually done so yet, I encourage the experience! The important thing is that if you are indeed curious you don't let people convince you that it's wrong or anything similar. You were given one life to live, live it to te fullest and let no questions go unanswered.
Cumplayywitme Cumplayywitme
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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

...But when the personal hygene isn't there it is a totally different story. :-P