I'm Glad I Came

About a month ago, had my birthday. I was supposed to go out with my "friends" Jane and Tay, but they said they were to drunk to drive since they pregamed without me, so I was upset and was going to stay home. But then my other friend Niki asked if I still wanted to go out. And of COURSE I did! It was my freakin' birthday!! so she picked me up, and she somehow forgot to mention that there was already 6 people in a car with only 5 seats! So I had to sit on some random guys lap -.- which was NOT fun! He was respectable and all, but still... aca-awkward (teehee). So anyways, when we got to the party there were cops ALL over it! So we ended up going to the park and waiting for people to say the coast was clear. Then MORE people showed up, and they were all super sketch people. Like criminals and drug dealers, some of them wanted for crimes. But the really strange thing was that they were kind of nice! And not in a creepy way, but they were actually pretty decent and stuff. This one guy freddie kept hitting on me all night, he even sang me happy birthday haha! It was kind of sweet, and maybe I would have given him a chance if he wasnt a 22 year old drug dealer with a kid. We all took a few shots and then Niki accidentally kocked over a bottle and it shattered on the ground, but no one got hurt. When everyone finally showed up- probably around 20-25 people- then the cops showed up the the park we were at so everyone scattered. I'm guessing it was this couple that was sleeping in their car who called the cops on us. Ugh so stupid. So we all drove over to the local bar and just stayed outside in the parking lot, talking and still waiting for the cops to clear from the party. By then it was about 1am. Then this guy volunteered to go steal a bottle of vodka from 7-11. So he left and after about half an hour, he came back wtih two big bottles!! I dont know how he did that but... wow. Thats some skill. Then we FINALLY showed up at the party, and it turned out that it was at my friend Sky's house! I had'nt seen him in a while so it was nice to see him again. :) Hes this tall white guy who looks like a younger version of abe lincon. Like he looks almost exactly like him, its kinda scary. So after a few rounds of beer pong, of course I won haha, I started wandering about his house meeting new people, most of them boys ;) and I met this guy Kai, this local boy with dark skin, skinny, but ripped, and who was very, very stoned. Hahaha! After talking for a while, he asked for my number, but then realized he didnt have his phone, silly boy. So he gave me his number instead. Then he left with his friend who was pretty much passed out on the couch the whole time. I thought that would be the last time I saw Kai, but it turned out that he became a bigger part of my life than I planned... but ill save that for another story. :) So after he left, a huge fight broke out in the front yard with all the scrags and criminals. Sky managed to break it up, but not before the cops saw! Two guys got arrested, I think they were both wanted criminals, and two girls got arrested. One was a run away, and the other was underage drinking. Good thing they didnt see me! well after all the scrags left and the cops disapeared, only about 10 people remained. it was me, Sky, Niki, Freddie, and a few other people I didnt know. So I ended up staying until 5am just talking to Sky and catching up. And guess what he told me? He said that my "friends" Tay and Jane were just at the party, but left before I arrived. UGH! That made me soooo mad! 'To drunk to drive' my ***! But ehh... Maybe it was a good thing that they didnt take me after all! I met some cute guys, and had a (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience. Even thought it was probably one of the most crappiest birthdays ive ever had, it certainly is the most memorable! Maybe I should be thanking Tay and Jane?
hokulani22 hokulani22
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013