Scary *** Dream

I frequently have dreams where it seems like something is trying to possess me. This last one I was laying in bed with my girlfriend and periodically throughout the dream I would wake up and see her laying next to me while still in a dream state anyways I was in a room with three beds in a house that I did not know. There was an attic and we were all sleeping when I got woke up to one of the guys freaking out I asked him what was wrong and he showed me these three pronged footprints almost just like claws showing. They had dropped from the attic and where all around in the room. Strangely for some reason I had remembered seeing these prints before although I am not sure where and I began following them. The footprints reached an end and I lunged at the air where the footprints had ended. I immidiately felt over taken I was flailing around in my dream trying to yell it was a very hopeless feeling because I couldn't do anything. In my dream I tried to tell someone and I showed them the footprints and everything and they acted as though it was no big deal. At this point I woke up in a panic although I was still not fully aware. Every time I tried to go back to sleep I got that same hopeless feeling almost as if going to sleep meant never waking up. The strange part is that it was not a demon I was being taken over by it was clearly evil but I think its name was Issac. I would repeat over and over in my head "I command you to leave in the name of god the father" almost like it was an exorcism but all it did was laugh. I didn't understand I know that Isacc is in the bible but I dont know why I felt so hopeless I was so scared I knew I was going to die and I knew I was in the presence of evil. The part that freaked me out was that I kept waking up and going to sleep with the same dream.
JeremiahCAdams JeremiahCAdams
Sep 6, 2012