I Am Esra

My Aunt lived in Stockport near Manchester in the UK.

The area was full of empty coal yards and surrounded by canals and cobbled lanes, she lived in a little old white cottage hugged by a lush green bank of grass and wild flowers that nedded to be cut regularly to be kept pristine to the front of the house, boasting a small oak wooden door and small wood framed window's linked together by oak wood timber's set into the white painted render disguised by huge yellow flowered honeysuckle bushes .

The rear of the house is hidden behind a high landscaped deep green turf covered soil bank's making the house look very small and low, you could almost reach and climb through the upstairs windows if they were big enough to fit through.

Entering the kitchen from the rear yard, seeing a big farmhouse table, four elegant leg's supporting a thick table top scored with age and surrounded by six chairs equally decorated as the table.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Plate's lay lazily on a farmhouse kitchen dresser lined up neatly with patterns delicately painted upon awaiting use. 

The entire floor is covered with quarry stone's meeting at the wall's base contrasting the bare brick and wood reaching behind the hot arga.

Ducking under the door frame of the living room my uncle led me int a dimly lit comfortable looking lounge with a sofa and two arm chairs nestled on  rug round a roaring open fire, again bare brick walls and wood but with picture's hanging from the brickwork between the wood framing leading to the oak beam's in the ceiling, black spot's dotted around on the white paint from candle's fixed to the wall's.

Only two other door's lead out of this room, one is the front door  and a little thin wooden latch door leading to the mall bent staircase.  Climbing the stairs dragging my case behind me I found three room's two bedroom's and a bathroom   with a sloping floor but a huge cast iron bath supported by lion's feet, the bedroom's were small and resembled the decor of the living room below, the other room was white and bright to contain children.          My cousin a small boy of perhaps five maybe six, I myself was about ten I was there for a holiday for some six week's.

My first night was cold laying in bed curled and hugged up in the bed sheet's and blanket.  found myself thirsty so I searched for a drink, down the bent stair's turning left out of the little latch door into the kitchen fumbling my  way along unfamiliar with the surroundings in the dark, I drank straight from the tap above t big square porcelain basin, I turned back to the stairs to find the front door was wide open, this I guess would explain the cold I didn't't notice it on the way down, oh it must just be adult's doing the daft thing's that adult's get up to in the middle of the night.

Morning came the cockerels calling in the new sun bird's were singing in the trees.   A we four sat around the kitchen table I became aware of the adult's heated conversation about the open front door they found as they came down for breakfast.  I kept quiet as I didn't want to become a suspect.

Night after night door's were left open light's left on, not just one but all doors and light's in the house.  One particular morning I woke to find my bed covered in book's there were so many I couldn't move, every book in the house was there, still the light's and door's were as usual on and open.  No other event happened other than that to my knowledge.  My term in Stockport came to it's end I was taken home.

A couple of year's passed by, My Aunt and my Uncle moved to Cambridge into a Victorian house next to a railway line, a bright house , big room's with plenty of space.  My aunt is now pregnant. Their time in Stockport was not as quiet as I have previously made out to you,  thing's moved on from door' and light's, moving thing's round in the room's, also the ghost was now appearing during the day whilst people are around and now carried a smell this is the only way to know it's present in the form of a cloud that surrounded people , for instance if two people were in the room one would be in the cloud and the other couldn't smell it but the stronger the smell the more you could see of the ghost.

The event's continued but with more frequency and severity, friends stopped visiting and it took over the live's of the house hold.  Coming to the end of their tether my Aunt and Uncle found a vicar that carried out exorcism.  The clergyman arrived and looked about the place, after some time in the presents of the unwanted guest he came to a conclusion that with hi knowledge of the area and history of the area he announced the ghost was the spirit of a witch that lived in the area, He also said that the spirit of the witch was interested in the unborn child growing inside my Aunt, the further the pregnancy the stronger the spirit will become.  My Aunt and Uncle did the obvious and **** their pants and move the **** out.

Now settled in Cambridge problems far behind them and the biggest problem they had to deal with was the train's passing day and night on the railway line.  Baby was born very healthy another boy. Another move just down the road still in the same village, a house with a little bit of land and a stable. The baby is now six month's to a year old, one night after dinner a familiar smell surrounded the table, knowing the smell and what it represents they became very frightened remembering what the vicar had said and assumed the spirit traveled via the baby. Can you imagine the feeling washing over them, it was like something from a horror film and it was being lived for real.

The problem becoming again stronger but not wanting the ordeal to chase them out of yet another house and one the liked so much.

 Desperately looking for a solution they came across a department in a Cambridge University that studied phenomena and apparitions.

A  gentleman came to the house talk about the problem and what can be done, he stayed a while and after hearing the story he felt compelled to help.

A couple of day's past and a van arrived packed with technology tracking systems, special light's, recording equipment and sensors.The family and even the dog had to leave the house until called to return.

With equipment set and an eager Expert and student settled in and waited for something to happen, the smell appeared and now at it's strongest they could see a figure not with any definition but still something not f this life,the men dealt with the spirit and called my Uncle and it was now safe to go home, all is now well.  The expert was actually able to exorcises the spirit but not before getting the voice of the ghost on tape would you believe.

I have heard the tape and it was the most chilling sound I have heard in my life, I don't know the whereabouts of the tape, I have since lost contact with my Aunt, cousins as I  have most of my family and my Uncle died some year's back, god rest him he was a lovely lovely man.

I digress the tape.

I shall write what I can to the best of my memory and knowledge, for those of claim to be open minded now is the time.

The voice on the tape was eery. after the expert gave a reference and  introduction he attempted to ask the ghost why he is here and what it want's with the family.  After several attempts and equipment adjustments they picked up a voice, a dark deep cold gravely voice of a man his accent was old English.

The spirit started by saying " I's  went to sleep outside a wood, I's a wood cutter, when I's woke I's gone but I's can see me on the ground from my rest"

The voice went on to say how he was ill from the plague,  so now we know date and this would explain the smell, the smell of the black death. " My name is Esra"           Old English medieval name

His reason for being here he is looking for his father , he has his hat, Esra repeats this several time's,

The reason he is around the family is simply because he liked them, and quote "I's like your settlement it is like a man nor house"  of course it was just a normal three bed semi.  he continues " I's seen thing's in the sky and cart's with no horse", he showed alot of feeling's toward the dog.  The reason he was in this house was he just happened upon it and decided to stay for a while because of the family and the dog before continuing his quest for his father.

The expert encouraged Esra to move on, as he did Esra described the the bright white light where his father beckoned him to follow and gone.

All that remained was the tape where it is???  I remember that my cousin took it to school so people could here the reel to reel tape and it got destroyed by jealous disbelievers.  I am intent on finding the tape or a copy of to hear again the eery voice of Esra......  



























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My Aunt and Uncle were actually sad to see him go once they knew it was not an evil spirit.. |Esra never did do anything wrong just wanted to be noticed..... The Vicar coud have been better at his hobby!!!