As far as I'm concerned it's the only true Holy Bible.

I have a KJV study bible and it has footnotes explaining ideas about the texts.

The newer retranslated versions are from someone else's ideas of what the bible says.
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The reason why I stick to it.

I highly recommend reading the apocrypha

and the greek interlinear bible.

Hi what does your Kj Bible state at Psalm 83:18?

You do realize that they're all translations, right? None of the original texts were in English and if you've ever learned a foreign language you realize there is no such a thing as a verbatim translation.

True, but KJV has been around for over 400 years. I will only use the KJV.

These new modern-to- satisfy-today's-brainwashed-populace-versions are not what I want to be influenced by .