cosmic mistakes

saturday 15 october 2011

thirty-odd members of this group, zero stories. so why did people join this group? more human nonsense that I don't understand. 

I don't much like the idea of writing the first story in this group or any other. I'm not the kind who likes to start things off.

many years, I don't know how many anymore, have passed in which I've believed that the universe made some cataclysmic gaff in putting my self into the body of a human. yes, my intellect is human, and a lot of my anxieties are human ones (but not all; some are definitely just animal), and many of my interests are human. but that's only because I was shoved into a human body with a human brain. but my self, my soul, my heart, my sensibilities are animal and belong in an animal body. the universe can and does screw up.

I'm a human with Asperger's. in the human world, people on the autism spectrum are in a very tiny minority. but I consider autistic neurobiology to be animal neurobiology. so, ipso facto, autistic wiring is animal wiring, and all animals are on the autism spectrum. I've observed enough animals in my decades and enough Asperger's (my own) to be certain of my conclusions.
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I like your ideas there refreshing