This Feeling..(please Read Fully!)

Out of all of the things magical..i just had this feeling ever since it was small..i know it can't be love but..this feeling keeps..coming.
I knew i was different ever since i was small thinking "what would death be like if this is what living feels like?" Sometimes this feeling would be good or it may be bad.
When i'm asleep i see of what could happen..this has been happening to me ever since i was little..but now i can't see that much.
I know i'm still a newbie on this site but i swear this is not a story i'd make up about. This feeling runs down my spine like a cold chill in the air.. I know right now you think i'm going crazy but i'm 15 now..and as much as i belive in magic and other phenomenon i know i'm not crazy.
But when i wear mood rings or bracelets..even certein necklaces that have alot of meaning to it i'm more in control..but when i take it off that changes.
I know its not an illusion or a figment of my imagination because everything i saw in my dreams when i was smaller have caught up with me and up until now i've relised it. This is still one of my deepest secrets and you may think i'm crazy for posting this but i swear to you..this kind of different..of what i feel..isn't made up..
Please belive me.
lindxey lindxey
18-21, F
Jan 16, 2013