My Hubs Just Takes My Breath Away Sometimes! Today He Totally Shocked One Of My Dancer-girls..but In A Cute Way!

I had just got done teaching a class and had this song playin in the studio

It was playin REAL LOUD too!!  I love to crank my tunes in here.  The girls  who work for me and take classes love it too...We have soooo much fun over here....Work just isn't suppose to be this much FUN!!

Just as the song came on Hubs came in thru my office out into the main area where I was standing...His office opens right up into mine. He was all shirtless and hunky looking with his hair hanging all over his shoulders and back...That man is the sexiest thing alive...I swear he is... and he just grabbed me and started dancing with me all sexy and like he TOTALLY MEANT IT!! 

We bumped and grinded a little and he whirled and twirled me a few time...He is such an AWESOME dancer.... I was all excited and breathless when we got done and I looked up and one of my newer girls to come to class was actually FANNING herself....  Gotta LOVE it!!

The other girls are all use to our nonsense.  He comes over whenever he can and helps me by being my partner in the couples classes.....**most of the time he behaves himself too** The other ninja dudes from his place and the trainers from the gym wander thru and help out by being partners for my girls...Needless to say..nobody complains!!

It was sooo much fun but now I am hornier then a lil toad!!  That man totally sets me on fire!!  He knows it too!    I just needed to share this.....A honry vent session!!  I'm not sure if it helped or made things worse....or better... depending on how we look at it!!
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Great story, Sie! Love the way you two always have so much fun - everywhere! :) Happy New Year!

Happy new Year right back at you WCBD!! Fun makes everything nicer!! Thanks for reading!! :)

Gosh that's so sexy Sie!

Aww thanks zeeva!

Sie--my love
You have always been the--
in my life--
I would expect no less now-- ;-)
I look forward to this--
exchange of--
challenges-- =D
I also agree--
that I too will take my due turn--
writing of things you may--
miss---- ;-)

Aww thanks rough guy!! ♥ I am having a TON of fun with this too and am sooo glad it might get you to write a lil more too.....Now I might have to intentionally skip over some details just to see what YOU write!! ;)

Show caution--my love.
I am not so concerned with--
discrete editorial concerns--
as are you. ;-)

Like a scene out of 'Dirty Dancing'....I'll certainly have a lil bit of that...hee hee
Is it good to be horny at 9 in the morning at work when my bit of stuff is miles away ? Dang ! I need a dance class..haha

I LOVED that movie!! Yup....horny at work ROCKS!! ;) I'd love it if you and you're "lil bit-o-stuff" could be in my classes...The FUN we could all get up too would be EPIC!! :D

Wasn't it a GREAT movie ? omg that would be awesome !! I'm gettin funny looks here at work, maybe I'm looking a lil flushed......Giggles ! It's all your fault Sie....heehee

I take full blame...with PRIDE!! :D

I love hearing about this fun stuff from couples . . . especially ones who have been together for a long time . . . absolutely refreshing . . . thank you for sharing Sie . . . 8D

Thank you for reading mm.... I LOVE to find happy posts about couples too...Makes my whole day!! ♥

Indeed my love.
I seek sympathy and genuine concern--
for my dire circumstances--
at the hands--
of your indisputable feminine wiles.
Or perhaps--
merely being denied them--
after being taunted with them--
in such a shameless fashion.
If that places me under the heading of a--
Victimized Drama Ninja--
So be it.

I am very pleased to note that with only moderate prompting--
you did--
confess to--
premeditated teasing--
as well as torrid temptations--
kept out of my reach.
I am greatly appreciative for this.
I feel it clears my somewhat--
less then--
stellar reputation--
within the confines of Experience Project. =D

I can assure you that no towels will be moistened or snapped on this day.
I will instead--
confront and ponder the challenge you issued--
in stating--
my need to offer you additional and perhaps more creative--
in order to--
provoke more carnal compositions from you.
I accept this challenge.
Quite eagerly!
One one condition--
No matter what I do--
You must compose a piece about it.
Let the inspirational activities commence! ;-)

K...You are one sly and slick character....All munching on your "humble pie" about being a Drama Ninja and then all that gratitude for me being such a tormenting teaser and then go for the deal making....Yeah... I caught onto that one. Right after promising me you're not gonna go around stinging my butt with your wet towel routine......and all your talk about pondering about the "challenge" I threw atcha....The slick part is trying to get me to agree to write about ANYTHING you dream up in that WILD MAN head of yours.......

But....I am feeling inspire me with some crafty lil naughty goodie... and I write about it....A deal is a deal and I am usually good by my word...... if I don't write about it then.... YOU can..... Am I not gettin wayyyy more clever too rough guy?!! I learned from one fine teacher!! *shakes hand on it and winks*.......I didn't even cross my other hands fingers behind my back either!! BRING IT ONNNNNNNN! :D

oh boy . . . this should be very fun and interesting . . . good deal . . . thanx guys for the good hearted fun entertainment . . . *sits back with bag of pop corn* . . . let the games begin . . . LOL . . . 8D

We can be crazy sometimes!! But it is a ton of fun! I LOVE popcorn so I might steal a piece now and then!! :D

I'll definitely share the popcorn with ya . . . still got those chocolates ? . . . party on . . . 8D

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your so asking for that wet towel snap baby girl. somedays you just beg for it calling him a victim drama ninja is a guarantee youll get it. ;0] keep playing. you both get off on teasing each other.

BUSTEDDDD!! I do don't I??? Just hearing that towel SNAP at me gets me all wiggly some days! :D We do have a lot of fun goofing on each other...keeps us from gettin all bored and stale tho!! hugs the tough girl.....

You two are just too cute for words. Consequently I'm at a loss for them today, but dancing is always fun.

Aww thanks bb.....It's Tuesday.....we are allowed to NOT have words for ANYTHING on Tuesday.....I sometimes wait till Friday to look for mine!! hugs and hugs... :)

There's always the night to release the built up lust! Tehe

YEAHHH BABYY! Who needs sleep anyways...Hubs always says....."I'll sleep when I'm dead!!" That always sounds about right to me too! :D

I remain in aww of the two of you. *smiles*

Aww thanks gf.....According to hubs, I am a merciless seductress and he is the poor...poor victim of my teasing and running off.... I LOVE it!! :D

*giggles* I did read that!!

He can be a TOTAL "Drama-Ninja" sometimes!! I have been laughing about this ever since I read it....He is soooo gonna pay too... ;)

LOL I love it.........Drama Ninja.

You two inspire a whole lot of folks to keep on keeping on in life and love. It's the reading of all the love you two share that keeps us hoping for better.

I second that Jacee1960

Awww thanks... hugs and MORE hugs jacee!! ♥ Ya gotta know he is gonna wet down a towel and wind in up just for me and snap my poor lil butt all over the place when he sees that one...... :D I can't look at him without laughing today!! I feel pretty good about being called a "merciless seductress" tho...... Sounds kinda cool!! :D

hugs gf too!! :)

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While you did a most admirable job of recapturing this moment--
Which I most certainly enjoyed.
I feel you left me appearing as a bit--
the cad.
My lustful intrusion--
appeared to have left you somewhat--
It needs to be stated that you--
my lovely seductress--
spent the entire day--
and utterly titillating me--
without mercy--
Each time my arousal presented itself--
You would make a hasty escape--
and laugh at my--
oft times--
It also requires clarification--
that you left your office door ajar--
I was in my own office--
and could easily hear your loudly playing a song that has long offered--
a near aphrodisiac effect upon me.
My reaction was simply that of a man who could take no more.
While a mere dance--
was not the total of what I sought--
I simply took advantage of the chance that presented itself.
One could almost view it as an act of desperation.
I certainly did.

In truth----
you did an exemplary job of making it all up to me later in the evening. ;-)

I did enjoy reading this--my love
I offer kind thanks for it--
I feel that your carnal compositions have become far too rare--
as of late--
While this is hardly--
It will simply have to suffice.
Jus sayin-- ;-)

You are not only a shameless seductress--
but as well--
an utter delight!

Awwwww you poor...poooor rough guy!! Look at you in here playing like some poor teased and over stimulated victim..... I bet folks are gonna shed some real tears for your plight!! :D

I can be real and totally fess up to teasing you all day tho....Cause I did!! I get in those moods and it is just sooooo much fun! Especially now that you are reworking your schedule and have more time where I can get you all fired up and runnnnnn like the wind and slip past those mongoose quick grabs of yours!! I suffer too...rough guy.....*sheds a tear* :D

I am crackin right up writing this.....It's even funnier considering what I just got done doing before I sat sown at my desk to come in and visit ep!!!! PRICELESS!

You're right about me leaving the door open so you could hear my sexy song too.....The whole thing was a total SET UP!! An ya know what??? IT WORKED! :D But it was TOTAL fun!! I think you did a ROCKIN job makin up for your leaving me all horny and "wanting" too! ;) I'm glad you liked reading this....

I totally caught the not so subtle hint about me writing more naughty stuff but I gotta be honest with you rough guy and say I think I wrote about all I could.......There is tons more but I'm not sure ep wants to read alllll that!! Some stuff is better left at the door... if ya catch my drift!! BUT......You can just keep trying to inspire me like you did the other day!! See......the fresh inspiration of your sizzlin dance made my lil fingers wanna type!!

I love being your seductress and I love delighting you too!! ♥ It sorta ROCKS just like a mountain!!

also....Hubs is NEVER a cad.....even when I write and make him sound like one....He isn't....well......not all the time.....maybe only once in awhile!! ;P
I couldn't resist rough guy....I really couldn't!! :DDD I'm still laughing!!

Horny UPDATE!!
After this lil dance routine and the mood we were BOTH in last night.... we had one BOW-CHICA-WOW-WOW time last night. It's so cool that we can be our ages and married for as long as we have been and still act like a couple of frantic horny kids!! It's because of how BUSY we were that I am up and on ep so late this morning...That man wore me right on out. He's sleeping like a happy baby still but after reading my own story again...I might just wake him right back up a lil sooner then planned now!! ;) Sex ROCKS!!

I love the way you describe your night.... BOW-CHICA-WOW-WOW! That says it all... Your love is amazing!

i like this song and would like to see you and k dance like this. i want to learn better dance for Master when i am healed from operations. i wish i was by you so could come in for your lesson.

Aww niki..I'd love it if you could be in my classes!! We'd have a blast if we ever shushed up long enough to get around to dancing!! You're a total natural for dancing..... I just know it!! hugs and hugs

You are your dear husbands fountain of youth. It is no small wonder that he keeps you so near him and cherishes you with such devotion. I frequently feel enlivened just reading your always pleasant words. I can only imagine how lovely it is to keep company with such a lively and endearing person. You are a dear heart.

Aww thanks jessy, what a nice comment to wake up to!! If I am his , "Fountain of Youth" then he is MY..."Fountain of Naughty!" That man is my everything every single day!! :)

Talk about loving what you do! :-) You two are the best!

Aww thanks Dee.... ♥

this better/worse thing gets confusing doesn't it? lol ... good to see you around ... ((hugs)) and happy new year!!

It sure does.... but what fun it is too!! hugs and hugs to you Bliss!!