Hubs Totally Nailed Me Today... UPDATE on our scavenger hunt included at the very end of the story!!

This is almost a Part 2 to the "Hubs takes my breath away" story I wrote the other day..... In the comments of that story we got going back and forth and it ended up with me agreeing to write about whatever he does to....trick me....I mean "INSPIRE" me to write naughty stuff......   

Hubs TOTALLY got me today...Just now in fact.... I don't think this lil stunt was meant to "Inspire" me so much as it was cruel and inhuman payback for calling him a drama ninja!!  But it was sorta funny and being I was a total dunce and agreed to write about ALL the tricks he pulls on me naughty, nice or just plain cruel like this one... I figured folks needed to see what I suffer at the hands of that man....

 Here goes.... I totally keep my word on agreements! 

Our offices share one bathroom. We are the only ones who use them mostly too.  So....... I go wandering into it.  I never pay much attention to things. I just wanted to pee and go about my work day.....  I didn't notice there was NO toilet paper....None, not one single speck.

I ALWAYS keep plenty of rolls in ALL the bathrooms in ALL 3 businesses cause that is just one thing nobody wants to be without......  What was sitting on the back of the tank was a cell phone and a post-it note that said "Missing something?  Call me." So I know then and there I was done for...I had been had..... I call him and he wanders over all smug and makes me beg and say all these crazy stupid things to coax him into giving me the roll of  tissue....

I'm easy with stuff like that.. I'd have said ANYTHING just to get my toilet paper... I am NOT one of the poop or pee folks who like that stuff anywhere near them besides in a toilet and I for sure didn't want anything  like that getting on my yoga pants.... I don't have a spare pair with me today and I don't wear undies so I wouldn't have had anything to keep the yuckies  off my pants. It was only pee but still.... gross... I know... I know....this is like WAYYYY too much info but you can see what a rotten situation the rough guy put me in......He was a total meanie doing this but it was sort of funny too..... I have a lil bit of a twisted and sick sense of humor sometimes....

He stands there, just otta reach, dangling the roll in front of me, with that, cocky crooked grin and made me totally beg for my bathroom tissue...  Making me say over and over... how wonderful and awesome he was and PLEDGING ON MY LIFE...that I will NEVER refer to him as a Drama Ninja EVER  again....  See.... he said he wouldn't run around snapping my butt with a wet towel today but he  totally got his revenge!! 

Ohhh  and I may as well throw this in here too since the guy who just emailed me and said he pictures my hubs as a really old man cause he is 54 has his settings set so I can't reply back to him....  He wanted to know what a young girl like me wants with an old man.... I am 34 and that isn't a kid anymore.....

My hubs isn't an exact twin to this actor but there are more then a few shots in this clip where you'd think they could be brothers.

 Hubs is Half Cherokee and half Japanese and is TOTALLY  beautiful for a man.  No one thinks he is much past 40 and his body is yearsssss away from looking anything even close to old.  He totally takes care of himself and is in ROCKING shape!!  So your idea of him being anything other then PURE AWESOMENESS  is wayyyy off base! 

He might make me beg for toilet paper but the man is hotter then lava....oh and btw....he is NOT a drama Ninja...Just a HOT one!!   I threw this remark in just to be a real dedicated lil "suck up" but it is true so I don't feel too guilty!!    I'm totally crackin myself up now!!

I TOTALLY  had to add this lil ditty for K too!  He will know exactly what I mean with it too..... Disturbia can be sorta fun if it's played right..... In the mind...not just the song...

Hubs totally had me running all over looking for lil notes that sent me to other notes and on and on and on.....It took me the better part of an hour to track them all down but in the end I found an adorable lil toe-ring he had hidden.....This is what he was talking about on one of the threads this morning about expanding our secret language.....

I wear the toe ring on my left foot when I want  HIM  to do something naughty and on the right foot when I want to do something naughty to HIM.... If I am up for a surprise I put it on a cute lil chain and wear it around my neck.....No one knows what it means but us..... I LOVE stuff like this!!  He has totally got me all inspired with this!!  I was good to my word and the terms of our agreement too. I headed right in and wrote about it.....  I am wearing it around my neck right now....... I  LOVE nice surprises!! 

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This is so funny and awesome! I was looking for your tantric sex story (because i want to do that if only I could find a willing man) but i found this instead.
(I wear yoga pants and workout pants with no panties too..who needs panty I totally agree on the need for toilet paper...
you guys crack me where is the tantric sex scavenger hunt...

Aww thanks!! Yayyy on no panty lines too!! :D
Here is the link to the tantric fun!! This is real easy to do too!!

I always forget to rate up stories I like! I have done that now!

Aww thanks Rickie, I'm totally guilty of that sometimes too....I get so caught up in typing my comment I forget everything else.....

You have the better excuse because you're writing much more in your comments! ;-)
I guess the rating up is more for peeps at the loss of words tho. lol

You write AWESOME comments... I might write more but that's just cause I am a wordy lil chatterbox in real time and a wordy typerbox on the internet too!!

I believe you owe me a story--
jus sayin. ;-)
I felt that yesterday offered a wealth of material.

I TOTALLY do rough guy and you're right...yesterday was a total inspiration!! ;)

I might need to wait till tomorrow for that story rough guy...I just wrote about the stalker girl.... :(.

Quite understandable--my love.
Take your time. ;-)

You must have very minimal turnover in your businesses. The best job I ever had was working for a couple who love one another and displayed it with each look they exchanged. I can only imagine that you and Looking4mywife are very much the same. The happiness you share is contagious to those around you! I can feel it through my computer. Lovely experiences Sierra. Many thanks to both you and L4 for sharing them. I will now have to check often to see where you are wearing your toe ring!

Aww thanks Jessy. Hubs has had a LOT of his martial arts guys with him since he opened the dojo over 20 years ago!! Our gym is newer but the guys seem happy and my lil dance studio is brand new but my girls seem happy too. It is way important that the folks who work at a business are happy cause any business is only as good as the folks who work there.... We have fun with our peeps.... They are not just employees but dear friends and in a lot of ways a real sort of family too.They work hard and we let them know we appreciate them BOTH with what we say and in their paychecks.... I'll be sure to tell ya when I put my toe ring on!! I have too..... that is part of what hubs and I agreed on...... He's twisted but FUN!! :D

always i smile at what you write. i would like to see your toe ring. i have and wear many all the times. k is very handsome. i kno you must be beautiful i do not think he would pick ugly woman.
his heart is as strong for you as his body is strong for fighting he teaches.

Aww thanks ....I'd like to see your toe rings too! I bet they look pretty when you have a bunch of them on at once!!

I can't see the vids but I believe you. I love men from 45 on. TehePart two is awesome exciting. I want such a partner who is coming up with secret signs and is as naughty as I am but I won't trade my hubs in so it never will happen.

Aww thanks lil birdie girl.... I love how much you love your hubs...♥ I wish he was a little naughtier for you but I always admire that love you feel....

By the way, to nail somebody means something more juicy in Germany so I hoped for something... err, different as I read the title. ;-)

It can also mean THAT here too Rickie! ;) :D Gotta love the "juicy" meanings to some words!! ♥

I read your reply to myaah--
I wish to address this subject--
I respect your lack of interest in discussing your looks on EP.
I do--
while I utterly enjoy your praise of me. ;-)
Jus sayin-- ;-)
That stated--
I think far too much emphasis is placed upon the physical form--
and its appearance.
Beauty never defines a being--
It is individual nature coupled with specific traits--
that speak the more meaningful volumes.
Those aspects of you--
hold me in a constant state of truest--
admiration and frequently--
nothing less then awe.
I must however--
firmly dispute your claims to appearing--
I feel this is the closest you have come to stating an utter lie--
in the time you have participated on this site.
You have the most extraordinary green eyes--
I have ever seen on another human.
You body--
while it could easily hold a bit more weight--
is gifted with fluidity of movement and elegant grace.
You--my love--
are exquisite.
I could find you in any line up--
I could locate you via your intoxicating--
sweet--natural scent.
I could identify you via the taste of your skin.
My hands know every contour of your lovely form.
I could recognize the beat of your heart--
in my company.
the pattern of your breathing--
when I touch you
You are easily--
the most rare--
and stunning woman--
I have ever known.
There is nothing--
common about you.

Wow, the lady is so lucky to have you. I so love how you described her. So beautiful!!^^

Aww Thank you K.....Wow....I think you just totally inspired me with this....I can take my lil toe ring right off now.... If the whole rest of the world looked at me and said "Yuck" I'd be fine with it as long as you felt like this..... I loved all of it but especially that you'd be able to find me with just the way my heart beats when you are near or the way I breathe......It's so true.....after all these years you still make my heart race and my breath catch in my throat.... If I'm not common then it's the love you give me that makes me rare......You are one of a kind rough guy......and I am always so happy and proud to say you're mine.....

I also had to giggle about you lovin the praise I send your way..... That was totally adorable..... I love talking about you...cause you're my whole world. But if tomorrow you woke up and had none of your awesome man beauty......I'd still love you just the same.....Cause inside of you is even more beautiful......

Now I gotta go and find me some tissues....Reading what you said and then writing my own thoughts has just made me a teary lil mess.....but in such a good way..... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

k your words are beautiful for your sierra

i love your love for one another... you are BOTH so inspiring!

Aww thanks niki and Woob;s BIG HUGS to both of you!! ♥

Thank you both kindly nikijiki and WoobieTuesday. It is lovely to see you are both returned.

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Love this toe ring thing....and I love to wear toe rings!!!... you guys are too damn fun!

Aww thanks....I think toe rings are cool too! This one is really thin and has pretty filigree designs all over it. They almost look like a type of Celtic knot pattern but are squiggly instead of straight lines....

The rules of the toe ring wearing is that I have to keep wearing it the one way till something happens....I didn't get and "surprises" last night but we had a rockin evening anyways!! K is gonna wait and catch me totally off guard when I least expect it....... He is good at doing stuff like that..... :D So I am wearing it on the chain around my neck till he STRIKES!!

The time approaches--my love.

dudes with k's looks have always caut my eye but the dudes wearing them usually turn me off. k is different. hes more into how heads work then gettin off on how he turns them heads. i had a hard time getting to know him. he can be a ***** and i can be a beyotch once past the early clashes i found respect for him. that dont happen every day fer me. the shots that look most like him are in time areas, 11, 16, 24, 26, 34 42 45. i was the one who found this mora dude for cc. this is a whole dif vid. good one all the same. k got some crazy dimple action in his one cheek and his eyes look into you and not at you.
cc you be cute beyond words. id say you was beautiful beyond words but them you be all pizzed off at me so i wont go there. you are his opposite. you draw people in cause you hemorage love and care. you an k go good together.
why dont you tell people who you look like? i can find you a vid for her too. or even both if you say who your mom thinks and who the rest of us think. i wont spill it less you say i can. id have tried to kick his azz if he hid my toilet paper. i dont do beg.
the toe ring is cute. u 2 love mixin it up for some fun.

Aww thanks were the one who found hubs look alike!! I never saw anyone who looked like him before!! I totally cracked up at you finding the shots that look most like him..I gotta say the one with the Mora man on the couch is the BEST. If he had K's crooked lil dimple grin happening it would be a real close match!!

K has mentioned on some thread in here that he thinks I look like the Buffy vampire girl. I can never remember her name. I have said my mom thinks I look like the girl who plays JJ on Criminal Minds....I have real common looks. Nothing at all exotic. Not to tick anybody off ...but I honestly think if you got a bunch of pale, blondes all close to the same height and weight and stuck them in a room.... you'd need name tags to tell us a part!! I like the way I look tho. I think all folks are fine with however they look!

I totally cracked up with your saying you and K had some problems in the beginning. You are a lot like him with being all direct. It is a funny story... I just gotta tell some of it right now too... :D The first time K and tough girl myaah met. myaah was taking classes with another ninja dude at our school and she hadn't met K yet. This is going back a ways...***she found ep by reading over my shoulder at work!!*** Anyways....myaah asked me how I picked out some of my clothes and I told her I didn't...that K did all my clothes picking out!
K wandered over about then and she asked him straight out....What's the deal with YOU picking out her clothes and he told her just as straight out it was none of her business....Needless to say...They did NOT become bff's right away!! But now they do fine...most of the time! :O Touch girl and Rough guy are a lil bit alike in some ways..... :DDDDD

I am totally crackin up right now...It is just wayyyyy to early for this!!

This memory offered me a chuckle,
myaah and myself rarely agree on any given topic.
But I do respect her honesty.
I also appreciate her genuine fondness for Sie--
as well her adept skills with close combat.
I pity the poor bastard who would attempt to mug her! =D

cc i hate to do this in public but i got to side with k on this one.
k glad you got a chuckle over it. i pity that bastid to! :0]

Leave it to him and you both to keep the ideas "flowing" ( sorry, couldn't resist the bathroom reference) lol

Always love reading about the things you two cook up together and apart. It's always fun to read about you two.

Aww thanks.....I gotta post an update about the scavenger hunt he sent me on today....It was totally inspirational too.....He is clever.....
I totally cracked up at the bathroom joke....I have been going thru a few of them lately!! One of those thing I'll never live down.....:D

h-h-h-HOT!! *whew!* dear gawd...i have never seen that actor before. if that's anything like K, GIRL!! i totally understand your love-lust. :0] not only is he gorgeous and YOURS, but he's got a youthful spirit and playful attitude which will no doubt keep you going for a long long lifetime... and beyond. :0] ...thank you for the intimate tale of your *gotcha* moment!! XOXOXOXO

Wow, haven't seen you on here in like forever!!

i know...!! i was a lost sheep. :0] good to see you, Affinity.

Aww thanks woobs......I honestly think hubs is a lil better lookin then this man but that might just be me....... :D

It is sooooo AWESOME to have our Woobie-girl back!! YaYYYYYYYYY!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


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I would like to extend a word of thanks--
to those who read and share in--
via their comments--
Sie and my own exchanges--
It is always--
most delightful--
to read the kind words--
and know that the enjoyment we share with one another--
can be shared with many.

An--inspirational--idea has occurred to me!
It will remain a mystery for now.
It does not involve bathroom tissue.
I do not wish to cause you undue stress--
as regards your bathroom tasks. =D

Awww Thanks for not stressing me about "potty time" Yayy on having an idea!! I love a good mystery too! :D

Giggles..................what a story Sie! Yours and hubs playfulness is too cute!
and omg...................if I can just say, hubs IS hotter than lava if he's a close twin to that guy in your clip...........lucky girl!!
And to the guy who commented in your email about his age......................Dude, age is only a number! If you take care of yourself 54 isn't what it used to be!

Aww thanks gf.... I can't say hubs is a twin for the actor but the resemblance is darn strong in some of those shots. Especially the ones where his hip bones show. Their bodies are a lot alike but hubs had a totally defined 6 pack, no matter how he stands.. Hubs hair is a lil longer and maybe a lil thicker and has a sexy white steak that floats down one side... I LOVE it.... Hubs also has a completely different mouth and bigger eyes.....But overall...they could be brothers!!

I bet the man who sent me that pm walks past LOTS of 50 year olds that he thinks are wayyyy younger and doesn't even realize it. I know lots of em!!

We have 20 something year old guys who do martial arts and use the gym and they can't even begin to compete with hubs body.... Then again ALL the MA guys have rockin bods!! All those crazy moves are a total workout....

I missed--
first time through...
What a lovely touch--
and I do mean that-- ;-)

I KNEW you would pick right up on that..... You are sooooo sharp!! ♥

I try-- ;-)

Sie--my love
This is most delightful!

I must state at this time however that--
is far too harsh a term.
It was offered--
as more a humorous lesson.

You have--
for long and longer mentioned--
my skill at being a--
highly successful--
This situation simply presented a chance to further those skills--
I could not resist!
Who could abandon an opportunity to strand a beautiful spouse--
sans freshly laundered yoga pants--
in a private setting--
while enjoying her--
many creative ploys and tactics--
to attain what she most sought?

Certainly not I. ;-)

In my defense--
I did provide Sie with her much desired bathroom tissue--
as I recall--
I even assisted her with the various tasks--
at hand.
I can be very thoughtful--
at such times! =D

This repartee is delightful Sie--
It is the prime reason we joined EP.
It leaves me utterly inspired--
to inspire you further.
The game remains--
I must now plot--
my next move--
or should that read--
inspirational endeavor?

A brief aside--
to the individual who believes that fifty-four is akin to being aged--
I am most pleased to state--
I am the utterly proud son of an eighty-five year old father--
who still runs five miles per day--
can swim 20 laps in near record time--
and has recently coupled himself with a woman thirty years his junior.
She adores him--
with never a glance at any other men--
in her proximity.
I can only assume he keeps her very satisfied in all the ways.
He was crushed after the passing of my mother--
but saw fit to regain his footing with life.

I hold very firmly to these thoughts.
We are what we eat--
We reflect what we do--
We become what we envision and believe.

I am but a most humble--
and vulnerable human--
I too will pass when my time arrives--
I plan on that being when I reach the age of 110
I want to depart this life--
at the peak of an ******--
with my arms wrapped firmly about--
my beautiful 90 year old--

My Grandfather lived to be103.
He too--
enjoyed stamina and impressive mobility to the very end.
He smoked two packs of Camel's per day--
and drank like a ******* fish--
I have great faith that I can surpass his age-- =D

Awww rough guy.....You TOTALLY did help me with my "tasks" What a champ you are!! :D It was pretty funny....I'll live the rest of my life suffering with "toilet paper trauma" from it but I did TOTALLY laugh!

I love the way you rework revenge into a lesson too!! :D I also LOVE your opportunistic streak too!

I am having a lot of fun with this too....Now that you have reworked your schedule at work and have a few minutes to PLAY it is AWESOME to have you playing on ep with me!!

I TOTALLY loved what you said to the man who thought you were old too.....
We are what we eat, reflect what we do and become whatever we believe to be the truth is soooo true......I see it all the time in folks..... If a person thinks life is always gonna be bad it usually is but opposite thinking works the same way!!

Nobody believes your dad is in his 80's...He is amazing and being your grandfather could really sort of abuse his health and live that long and keep pretty healthy you and your bro should totally be able to go way further.....

I'm not much for thinking about dying but what you described sounds about as close to the best way possible as anybody is ever gonna get at it!! It would soooo rock if we were still total sex fiends at that age. I am game for trying to keep our stamina high!! Practice, practice, practice.....

I love that you are off "plotting" your next move!! You inspire me even when you aren't trying too so it shouldn't be too hard!! ♥

Awww Sie......I had to laugh but honestly 'drip drying' is no fun is it ? You only ever get caught out once !

Drip drying still leaves that yucky stuff dried on your skin and then it gets on your pants and then it heats up and smells nasty..... I can be a lil OCD with stuff like that. I take toilet paper with us when we hike and camp and use it in the woods when I pee and then bury it.... Hubs laughs at me but I just really hate that smell....

I could never hook up with a diaper person.....
It would just NEVER work I'm afraid!! :O

I will be watching for my toilet paper in bathrooms 4 EVAH now!! :D He totally trained me on that score!!

Lol! Oh Sie. That's so mean but SOOOO funny!!! You guys are the best and the visual of your hubs, totally HOT. Enjoy him girl!

Aww thanks Dee.... Bein funny is fun!! He sure isn't hard on the ole eyes.. I don't wanna sound all braggy about him but I think hubs is even a lil better looking then this guy! But that might just be the way I see him.... :D

You are just sucking up, because you are afraid that he's going to hide the toilet paper again, or worse yet make you go without sex for a night ;-). Though, something tells me, that would be a difficult task.

BUSTED again!! :D You guys know me wayy too good!! Suckin up seems to work pretty good tho!! ;)

I don't know who would suffer more with denying the sex tho. He claims his nightly and sometimes daily, "naughty romps" are the reason he sleeps like the dead and doesn't suffer from stress related health problems. I am TOTALLY gonna write a story some day about all his thoughts on how medicinal and health helpful being a couple of sex fiends can be. According to him, a LOT of sex is sorta like owning your own fountain of youth!! :D

When has--
ever failed? =D
I would greatly enjoy seeing that story!
Sex is just as helpful to sound health--
Both mental and physical--
as diet and exercise.
It can be a far superior replacement--
for the many pills taken by some each day--as well.

I know that he will be less likely to have prostate issues. I wrote a story about that in my old profile. I think it was titled an ****** a day keeps the doctor

That is totally AWESOME news Affinity!! I am all about keeping us both as healthy as possible!

It's true Sie..............when my hubby had prostate issues the Dr. wrote his prescription to say sex 3 times a day lol

Unfortunately for me he wasn't much on following Dr's orders maybe a LOT of sex is the best way to avoid it....I can honestly say.....If all it takes is sex to keep clear of that condition...Hubs is safe!! :D

jacee, I got to thinking on what you said last night and wanted to ask you if your hubs ever tried the stuff that can up his testosterone level? I know a few folks who have tried it and swear by it....Upping his T-output could really increase his sex drive and that could totally help him with this.....

With him having prostate cancer Sie upping his testosterone is equal to a death sentence. Actually he is scheduled to start going back in for the shots to completely do away with his testosterone as that is what feeds the cancer cells. So any hope to fix that problem is nil

Wow I didn't know that it is testosterone that feeds the cancer...I am so sorry this happened to both of you....soo sad, :( hugs and hugs.....

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hahahahahaha . . . loved this sweetie . . . LOL . . . thank you muchly for sharing this tasty tid bit . . . you are toooo adorable girlie . . . both of you together . . . a beautiful riot . . . 8D

Awww thanks mm......a "beautiful riot" sounds AWESOME!! I think you're pretty darn adorable too! ♥