Playing Together

My wife and I are sailing around the world at this time and currently in Savusavu Fiji, We are kindred spirits, we have chose a simple life of adventure  exploring the world and it cultures, we are very lucky both being bi, nudist, swingers, adventurers, willing to share our lifes with others .

I will tell you guys about our further adventures,    Also We use to hang at Wreck several years till we left the NW for the tropics  have fun



bispeedo bispeedo
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Have fun, be careful,stay in touch.....especially the stay in touch part. Drinks are on us when you and the lady get back. We are off to Desire Resort next week for some nude swing time.......maybe we can share stories over dinner.

I too would like to set off in my yacht. I admire your sense of adventure. A lot of people like us say....When we retire...But when they get older they say ..If only we'd done it when we were younger. I'm not sure I could ever get my wife to play with other men. I dont think she really wants to play with me even. So I suppose being confined on a Yacht with all that frustration wouldnt be good. wait till you get to Turkey. There will be loads of young fit guys who want to play with western women.