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I know a lot of people think that if you are suffering from a mental illness, therapy is the best thing for you, and also the best thing to help cure your illness. Well I have been dealing with Depression for a while now, I have been on medication to treat my depression, also I have gone through the whole therapy. However, in my opinion its simply is just a waste of time and money for me....

I am not someone who can go to someone once a week, or once a month, or even every other day, and open my heart to them, and tell them everything. I will be holding back so much. Therapy is just a waste for me. I am not good at talking to others about how I am feeling, or what I am going through or anything like that. Its just not something that I can do.

I understand that for some people, that is what they need, and people keep insisting that if I just give it a try it might work for me, but here is the thing, I HAVE tried it, and it just was not for me. I have a hard time talking to the man I want to marry and have children with, and someone is expecting me to talk to someone who I hardly know, and that it can be the best thing for me, but they are wrong, because that is just NOT for me! I can't do it, so suggesting it, is just a waste of Breath!

So in my opinion therapy is just a waste of time, for me, it may not be for other people, but for me it is, and i know this, because I did try it, and it didn't work, so there is no point wasting my time, and a phyc time, when its not going to help me what so ever! =/

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On top of being a waste of time it can also be harmful..

I understand and respect your feelings.<br />
I went to 6 psychiatrists for treatment at the same time I became a born again Christian. In the mean time I was was taking the heat from all sides from family, friends, church members.<br />
I started my own business with contracts with K-mart, two animal hospitals, and residental.<br />
<br />
To make a long story short I simply could not work anymore. My doctor got me own disabilty and all hell broke loose saying I robbing the goverment. I explained that all the money I had paid in Social Security was insurance.<br />
<br />
Much later I joined Self Help Center its free they a lot of amenities, group programs, depression,<br />
and many more. best part you do have to say anything. check it out

I hate therapy! It didn't work for me either! I'm supposed to be going to AA and I think that's stupid too, for me anyway! And so many people are like, "you can't stay sober without it" but I don't believe that. I have will power and friends and family that I don't want to hurt ever again,,, that's what keeps me sober! And as for seeing a shrink, I did for a while. I tried, and It didn't help my depression at all. I'll tell you what did: ZOLOFT!! ;)

i cant trust shrinks either:/ i kno how u feel, it wont help me either.