I Have Bell's Palsy And Feel So Alone!!!!

I was taking my sons friend home after a sleep over and we were talking and getting excited about his 8th grade trip to Disneyland and what rides we wanted to ride, when I realized I was talking funny. After dropping the friend off, I turned to my son and asked if I was talking out of the right side of my mouth, he started innocently laughing and said "yeah mom, and your smile is weird". Got home looked in the mirror and the whole left side of my face drooped!! So I was worried about possibly a stroke and had my husband take me to the ER. There I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy! I'm by no means a supermodel, but have always prided myself on my facial looks, having grown up with people saying I'm pretty and all!! Over the last 5 years I have gained weight and just haven't been myself anyway, but always thought I COULD lose the weight and be ok!! And then this, my face is gone! I'm not me anymore!!! Of course I'm on medications and the docs say it will get better in time. My husband ad boys are being great, and trying to keep me laughing, but they don't realize that it still hurts!!! I keep having people say it could be worse and blah blah blah!!! But, they are not dealing with having to try to eat with some dignity and talking like I'm drunk!! The pain is horrible, physically and emotionally!!! I feel horrible about. Feeling so vain!!!! And NOONE around me seems to even want to try to understand!! I feel so alone!!! And on top of all this, I have severe stomach problems, they say its my gallbladder, but can't seem to get a doc to take it out!! My bladder has prolapsed into my vagina, so I can't have sex and was getting by with giving my husband blow jobs, but now I can't even do that!!! I feel like I'm no longer a woman or even a person at all!! And of course I'm depressed and anxious all the time. And everyone always keeps telling me I have no reason to feel this way!!! They don't even try to understand!! I've already become a hermit couch potatoe...and now with the Bell's Palsy, I feel it is only gonna get worse!!!! Is there anyone who can understand my anger and loneless?

docs say it will get better in time. My hu
jamiecrewell jamiecrewell
36-40, F
Jan 16, 2013