My Belly Button Kissed For The First Time

I remember those days of cheer leading when I was very self conscious about showing my belly button in public. An innie with average depth was not something I wanted to show off... up until this last summer when I visited Bahamas for a short vacation.
Went shopping with 2 of my girlfriends and ended up buying summer clothing more appropriate to the weather which was in upper 90s. Obviously, with me and my complex it was really hard for me to wear those clothes which showed part of my belly button. Later that day we went to a local club, where we somehow ended up dancing with a couple of guys. I danced with one of the guys for few mins before I realized that his hands were all over my waist and butt. Less that I knew I turned my back to him with his hands ending up on my belly and his thumb in my belly button, I froze like a statue. It felt like his thumb was dancing in my belly button along with the music. I abruptly turned around almost startling him. He right away asked me if I was alright. Being embarrassed a little I was out of words. Upon him insisting I found the courage to tell him that I'm not proud to show off my belly and far from having someone touch my belly button. He tried to say a bunch of comforting words but the only ones that I picked up were, when he said that I have a beautiful belly and a gorgeous belly button. He pulled me to the side where there was less crowd and whispered in my ears that a woman's belly is one of his weakness. And while asking me to trust him I felt his index finger rolling over my arm and soon on my belly. I had a split second to let go of all my inhibitions and made no attempt to stop him from feeling my belly or my belly button. It was a different experience for me and not sure what to expect. His hands and fingers were gliding on my belly and finding the depth of my belly button every now and then before I felt his fingers concentrated around my belly button. He whispered in my ears, 'you will enjoy this trust me' & and he poked my belly button slowly with his index finger. My belly button not only had his attention but it also had my full attention. Soon I felt his warm breath on my belly and him very gently blowing in my belly button. And before I was able to completely convince myself that I was getting over my belly button complex, I felt a wet and warm feeling inside my belly button, it was him licking and slowly kissing it, which was the most soothing feeling I ever felt before. I didn't want that to stop when I heard his soft voice in my ears saying 'tell me you didn't enjoy it'. I smiled at him and said 'thank you'.
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Well written. Very sexually arousing.

really sexy ^^

Great story

Wow .... such a cute story ....:)

thanks :)

What a tale of supressed erotica. Leastwise now another has discovered her inner inhabitons and glad to learn that yet another is enjoying that zone. Funny how it can take many by stimulating surprise. isn't it? I must add those cury hips of yours and that sexy navel shold be apperciated. Hope you're a bit more at ease with those taunting attirbutes of yours. you should be.

You have a beautiful belly and should be proud of how great you look. I'd definitely keep exploring the idea of letting guys touch your belly and bellybutton.

I would totally make love to your belly button with my mouth and tongue.

im pleased. thank you.

You bet.

Even though you're shy, your belly button needs to be licked.

just the thought of it is giving me chills

How long ago was this?

this past summer...

Mmmm I would love to lick your belly button.


That's a hot story!

thank you !!