My Belly Button Storie 1

Well this is just a story
It didn't really happen :^) (Fantacy)

So I was in my house with my boyfriend and he tied me to the bed.
He started to lick my belly button deeply. He has a very long tongue. He put his hands on my butt and he licked up and down my belly button. He sucked on it really hard too. I started to wiggle around trying to get away because I got tired of him licking it so much. He held my belly still and started to dig in it with his fingers. He has long nails and he likes to sharpen them. I am a chubby girl with a deep belly button. It felt good but it hurt when he scratches the sides of my belly button. When I sleep I wear a belly shirt with panties. Feels so good.

He pushed down on my belly really hard as he likes to put things on it. Sometimes he finds these little bugs and roaches and tried to get them to crawl into my belly button. I get really scared and he holds my mouth closed so the people can't hear my cries. When the bugs crawl into my belly button I suck in to try to get them out and they never leave. I guess they like the deepness of it :^D. The roaches love to crawl into it when I sleep. I can feel them as they run around my naked belly. So many of them just running in and out of my belly button. circleing around it like its a bon fire. It tickled and I wake up. But I let them do it because my boyfriend likes it.
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I'm laughin just readin that.. Makes my belly button tickle without it being tickled!