I've been doing belly dancing for the last four years. This voyage into the sinuous movements of the hips and the abdomen was part of my list that I needed to do. Today marked the first class of our winter session, last being in December. I missed dancing it terribly.

Now  think of the song by Def Leppard...Hysteria...let it run through your mind...

The course is Egyptian Cabaret...lots of undulations, snakelike movements of the abdomen. Miniature waves, slightly lifting the chest and falling down to the pelvis. No big movements; just a controlled flow, caressing each ascent and descent, almost teasing. Hear the beat of the music as these curves curl with the strumming of the electric guitar.   "I gotta know tonight...If you're alone tonight...Can't stop this feelin' ...Can't stop this fire...Oh"...

Then isolating the rest of the body, extending the hip to the right slanted to the back now sliding to the front to extend to the left. The hips form a figure eight sideways...extending...and extending farther to the sides...the shape of the body shows the curves of your hips as you shift from left to right. 

Now comes the layering...blending these two steps together. Listen to the music... "I get hysterical...Hysteria...Oh, can you feel it (Oh can you feel it) ...Do you believe it (Do you believe it)...It's such a magical mysteria...When you get that feelin' (When you get that feelin') ...Better start believin...(Better start believin')Cause it's a miracle...Say you will...Ooh babe...Hysteria when you're near"...As the right hip extends, the abdomen pushes upward...sliding the hip toward the front and the abdomen comes down to let the left hip extend and form that perfect figure wavy eight.

Can you see it happening?

Can you feel it?

It's hysteria, I tell you. Oh yeah. ;)


Sylphy Sylphy
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Thanks, Jack... dancing for you...??? lol... you sure about that?<br />
there are knights who guard the faerie... shhh...<br />
<br />
Two Steps Behind<br />
Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad<br />
Pour Some Sugar On Me<br />
Animal<br />
Let's Get Rocked<br />
Photograph<br />
<br />
heck, I can go on and on...

LOL.......... You are not getting a free show, Dean... you have to get in line... someone has already booked us for a private show... ;)

*Sylph wraps a hip scarf around Kitti*........ now your shimmy would be totally awesome..... jiggle them now, Kitti............ ooohh... you are soooo good, Kitti...... *Kitti and Sylph shimmies together*....

*giggles blushes ...shakes booty at Sylph * lets do it to it =-)

*Sylph does the maya and hip circles around Kitti*.......... hey lovely angel... I see your pose is all ready for an Egyptian cabaret......... *shimmies*

ohhh *runs in * I love to belly dance ..come on girl * does the cobra and the shimmy walk ..whistles at sylph * hey good looking whatcha got cookin !!=-)

Hmm... I would have to try it out... dance to Kashmir... we'll see, Dean... we'll see...<br />
<br />
But how do you know it would be a good song for belly dancing? Have you tried it out yourself?<br />
*Sylph pokes Dean*

Gee, thanks, Ever... belly dance is a very sensual dance... love doing it! You should try... was bugging Bella and Taken a while back on this... don't know how's that going for them... hmm... must ask...<br />
*hugs, honey* ..... *Sylph hip circles for Ever.......ooohhh*<br />
<br />
Oh Bella!!! ... Taken!!! ... wondering here if you've pursued belly dancing...

Ooohhh.... *Sylph does a drum solo...feeling the rhythm of those beats*........ thanks, BlueG... *hugs n shimmies*

Great story! *plays the darabuka*

Uh-huh...<br />
I believe ya... LOL ;)

Thank you, Omniel...:)<br />
Geez, you're fast. I haven't started yet...hang on...

Awww, thanks One. Coming from you, I am honoured. Thanks. :)<br />
<br />
LOL..glad you found Def Leppard. I should have included a link, ay? Or maybe I can post it in my blog. hmmm...an idea again...thanks, One! ;)

Wow! You inspired me to blow the dust off my tiny symbols and wonder if I can fit my fat a$$ into my old beaded costume. I think I will go make my husband suck for air when he goes to take his bath.LOL by the way excellent description. had to youtube def leppard since I am old as dirt...Love the rhythm. Have fun with it...

LOL!!! Who's going to be the snake charmer? But........I'm afraid of snakes. ;)

I will be the snake rising from a basket as you gyrate your hypnotic hips.

I'm sorry, WG...sometimes I get carried away with dancing and mindless about my costume. ;) But it's a good thought...for *crazy* belly dancers, that is!!! Heck, why am I complaining? Crazy, it is! ;)

You mean you never thought of that yourself!!! You're the one that's meant to have a good imagination! lol. I think you need to have belly dances with smilry faces drawn on them in your next story - *shakes head* just what have you been thinking??

hahaha LMAO...you are just the best, girl! Crazy...but the best. ;)

what about a smiley face drawn on them! That would be cool!

LOL, WG...they are just heated art schools and sometimes not even warm enough to expose our bellies! Love that though when the bellies are showing when we dance and you put glitter on them...soooo cool! ;)

Oh surprise! Jimmy is here! lol. So, Sylph I imagine that your belly dancing classes are warm enough for exposed bellies. Yes? Maybe you could just take up permanent residence there!

Why thank you, Jimmy *batting my eyelashes here* :)<br />
I am serious about it...but I needed to wait until I began my classes again before I write, which was yesterday.<br />
<br />
LOL A sheik, ay? and a private dance? Goodness...must charge you for that! ;)

Wow. I am caught in the trance - my eyes grooving back and forth with your hips. You have outdone yourself with this one Sylph. I didn't know you were this serious about dancing, and your writing is so vivid. I feel like I am practically there as your sheik receiving a private dance. :)

LOL, Labyrinth! :D Yes, concentrate on the dance not the teacher. Too funny...Though if it makes you dance better, then why not? ;)

I love love love belly dancing. wish my teacher (who i have a HUGE crush on) would continue classes. {{{{sigh}}} She is so hot. ... oh wait - belly dancing - yeah --- great exercise - great fun... LOVE it. :)

Oh, you ladies should really give it a go. It's the kind of dance that brings out the woman in you making you feel comfortable with yourself. It's the kind of dance that says, "I love to dance...and if you like what you see, you can watch, too"...or something like that...<br />
<br />
And yes, you can dance it with any music...whatever fits the mood... ;)

It is very hypnotic. I feel like I'm in a trance when I dance. <br />
And you're back...........

Lucky you, Deanze...you saw Def Leppard...and yes, Hysteria really goes soooo freakin' well with these moves. Thanks for the comment. :)

Bells...don't be too self-conscious...believe me, it brings out that hidden you that you did not even think was there all this time. Plus now, I can move more parts of my body that I never thought could move before! LOL I really love it...and I'm sure you will, too. Just go for it.<br />
<br />
And thank you for your sweet comments...*hugging you*<br />
If it inspired you, then I'm really glad. And with belly dancing, you can really dance it with any music you like. Just take a glass of wine (Smirnoff for me) and dance away... ;)

I can definitely see it..Even found the song on youtube for greater effect ;)<br />
<br />
You are a woman of many talents Sylph.....Reading your experiences may just inspire me to attempt something new...<br />
<br />
I have always been fascinated by belly dancing but too self conscious to give it a try.......<br />
<br />
Maybe just maybe,some day,one day.....I'll let you know what I decide :)<br />
<br />
<br />
Great story !