Simple Enough, Everyone Does.

I can work toward a goal and make it happen. Simple enough you say? Yes. Just a matter of hard work and luck.

I wanted a home in the mountains with solar power. I had lived in a trailer on 40 acres and it was primitive. I wanted the best of both worlds. I ended up getting a new boss and he had exactly...I mean exactly what I wanted. He decided to retire and I asked him about his house. "What you gonna do with it" "Why I'm selling it to you, of course." We had not talked about it beofre.

I wanted my old love back. I wanted her badly. Ran into her mother after many years and asked about her. Within months I had her with me.

Coincidence? Fate? Maybe.

I used to make make the rain stpo. I rode a motorcycle and didn't like getting wet. I would gather something into myself and will the clouds to divert. The storm would split and where I was would be clear sky. I once did this very strongly and it didn't rain there for almost 2 years. I had forgotten I had done anything and tried to reverse it. Turns out I can't do that. Not yet anyway.

I once asked all the gods for someone to love who would love me back. I was single in my 40's. Within a year I had a son, my first and only child. Not actually what I intended with my request, but it was the best answer.

I don't do this anymore, although I know I can. I have found that with each act there is unintended consequence. There is a fee that must be paid.
I have found it best to let life unfurl as it will and keep my meedling to a minimum.

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Amazing story! I agree, there is a price to be paid for every decision we make...One of my favourite sayings is that the same fire which warms a house can burn it down, and for that reason Im a bit sceptical of "love relationships"...I just know that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is...with every "love" there are highs and lows...for that reason I am content to be single if it happens that way.<br />
<br />
Im really sorry about the loss of your parents, they will always be with you and it sounds like you have reached a level of acceptance in your grieving, but are realistic enough to know that you wont ever be over the loss, but that you will adjust. *hugs*

i like the last line..its good....i love this post:)

Thank you. Probably a fruitcake indeed, but some people REALLY like fruitcake :P

A fruitcake maybe..but a pretty wonderful one!!

Thank you sir. If I can be found nothing else, at least I can be found entertaining.

You are clearly a complete fruitcake! but that's why i like you.

Thank you. I came to see my experimentation arrogance. And dangerous. Without maturity and training, such power is like giving a loaded gun to a child.<br />
I try to enjoy the story of my life as it unfolds, changes often have unintended consequences, and I leave the editing to others.

I'm like you. I don't want to talk about it though. Because there are some things I do that I know I shouldn't....but I want you to know that I relate. Also, I feel relieved and refreshed that there are other people like me out there. A lot of things I have in my life now, or aspects of my life, are related to my use of this skill, and as you have said the universe sometimes fufills your request in an unexpected way. Sometimes, it is something that at first you don't like and later you realize it was what you had asked for all along and didn't see the bigger picture of how the pieces fit together. Sometimes, it is straight up what you wanted but it also changes 10 other things and can make life a little harder sometimes. But to know how to summon and use energy is a really great skill I am thankful for since many people don't know how to. I was lucky in that I always had an intuitive sense of how to do it without needing to be taught. It leads you to a greater understanding of how the universe works, doesn't it? And the first thing you want to know does it work, and why can I do it and other people don't? And then you start exploring the mysteries of the universe. My life has great meaning, and I can find the deeper meaning that is hidden in the smallest of things if I am applying myself to that. To live life in this way (and the use of this ability, which I call magick--correct me if there is another name for it--transforms your life permanently from the moment you first use it even if you don't understand what you're doing until you are much older--far reaching personal and life changes happen), is to live a complex, spiritual, deeply thoughtful and analytical, creative life full of possibilities and options. There are some rules to life...but it does give you an edge does it not? At least until other people do it. And I think in some cases, it can develop from necessity or as a survival technique...I wonder if it is something that is triggered or activated by your own soul(or whatever you personally call that deeper part of yourself, that resides in your unconscious mind and heart) when you have no other defenses or choices...well you see, I wonder if I may never fully figure it out, ever. All I can say's cool, isn't it?? lol