I have wanted to share this story for a few years now. My husband committed suicide in a motel 6yrs ago, I was called to go get his stuff and clean his room. I went there and had to listen to a horrific story of what he looked like when he was found and was told Hazmat was cleaning his room. Our bestfriend was with me and knew I wanted my husbands things. I was beside myself with grief and not knowing what to do, I wanted to jump in the dumpster to reclaim what was mine!! An officer told me I couldn't-our best friend pulled the gloves off the officers belt, put them on and jumped in that dumpster. She dug through God only knows what to get me his phone, notebook, coat, belt and wallet. Never, ever can I repay her for doing that, I love her with all the heart that I have. Thank you for letting me share this!!
Erda Erda
41-45, F
Aug 20, 2014