I am wondering what kind of bold, daring, dangerous stories and thoughts people in this group really have.....
Kelki Kelki
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To be in an elevator...the elevator stops,the doors open and you walk in and press for your floor,the doors close and you can feel my eyes on the back of your you touch your neck,then I look at your shoulders and touch your shoulder and then scratch your lower back......I gaze at your tightly fitting skirt....nothing happens but you lose balance as the lift jolts to a **** suddenly goes hard in the instant that you spin around to face me,papers and files drop to the floor,a red pair of lips loom towards me as your hands silently slip into my pants to reveal my throbbing black velvet coated staff of manhood.......the tell tale sound of a wet fleshy and hungry ***** fills the confined space.....metal clunking machinery whirs and rattles as we hear distant alarm bells scream......your eyes water over when you feel the thick hot pole of my desire buried in the depths of your tummy as we bash about the minute and your juices are splattering my muscular ramming so hard that th elevator could fall into the depths of the doomed cavern at any moment,but we just don't care.......I pull out before ******* and you look in awe at the marvelous moment when a man is about to ********* nails scratch down the length of my shaft.....and blam!....a long jet of hot ***** shoots over your head and onto the control panel of the elevator with just one drop landing on your long tongue,(I presume that you do have an exceptionally long tongue?)........eyes meet...the bip! bip! that the machine is working jolts us back to reality,you hastily retrieve your papers as I redress...the vvvrup! of my zip preceded by one second of the opening of the doors.....And in an instant you step into the long corridor......I watch you stroll down into your slippery stride,oozing and! clik! clikkety clik of your shoes...echoing their melody of horniness into my buzzing ears....the doors begin to close as you glance back at me.......that fleeting glance that tells me that my phobia of broken down elevators has been cured forever!

I'm here because no one understands me an the more popular sites you can't always be yourself and say your true feelings. I don't give a **** if I get judged on here;)

Good answer!!

I joined to see you ;) because you said you were a member.

Ahhh you are so sweet....