The Reincarnation Of Calvin And Manu

The year had been good for Calvin and his island bride, Manu. His influence had sped the completion of the Ketch sail boat. Built along the waters edge in the sand, it promised to be strong and fast. Calvin had been raised in these South Pacific waters. Early as a cabin boy, had been to the Americas a time or two. 1896 Paul Gauguin had hired Calvin to clean and mix paint. He quit his post for two reasons, sick and tired of hearing and not understanding French, not being able to sleep without the seas motion. Always serving others. Well now was his turn to be master on his own.
The early morning skies blue and clear, trades blowing his mop of hair into a riot. Today gravity would send the 45 tons of hard wood down the path of coconut logs and into the small bay. Two elephants had come in from the forest jungle to push her along. With all the shouting, Calvins only thought as she glided gently to a stop and still afloat."Well that´s a good sign".
One week to the day the Maria Louise set sail. One month to the west almost to the day she hit a reef during a squall drowning everyone on board.

The year 1942 had been busy for Calvin. Being under contract with the US Navy he had been transporting construction equipment towing an eighty foot barge with Sea Eagle a two-thousand horse powered tug boat left to him in a will when his Uncle Bessemer died. Now Bess as some called him was lean, rugged and ragged. Quick to the step and to anger. Black, beady eyes that never blinked when he took to strong drink. Not everyone understood Bess, hell how could you with his vicious, contemptuous humor. He was either fighting, cussing or telling dirty stories. People were afraid he would live forever, when he finally kicked the bucket  no one had any idea how old he was. Safe to say nor did he.
What I didn´t tell you about Calvin and the Sea Eagle was the Navy owned them during the day. During the cover of darkness Calvin was building his retirement selling every other piece of equipment gathered during the day. (One for you, one for me sort of arrangement) Balancing the Navy´s complacency and his border line thief crew many an island plantation was supplied with Americas finest technology.
Early on, Calvin had been diagnosed with a long and prosperous life. Age refused to show. His young wife Manu had the same affliction. All would of continued had it not been for a scam to enlarge his operation. He had spotted a sunken barge much like his, visions of expansion got the best of him. When I say sunken, truth was only half was sunk. Had it been totally in the deep he might of succeeded by giving it a pass, but just one corner was simply too hard to resist. Here´s how it went, easing along side he rolled a huge wheel mounted water pump into the physically challenged deck. Well, after several days of pumping or should I say circulating that part of the South Pacific Ocean plus urging several of his employees to enter the shark infested waters to locate and plug the obvious leaks with offers of profit sharing and other lies. He decided to trade pump for a giant air compressor. (Something else the Navy hadn´t discovered missing.) He managed to Sweet Talk Manu into stuffing fourteen deflated rubber bladders inside the sunken corner of the barge. A hose connected the wad. While they filled, darkness settled on that watery piece of paradise, the rusty deck creaked and grumbled. Every now and again an ominous pop would send chills of glee into Calvin. Manu tried unsuccessfully to bolt for the comfort of the outhouse. Holding his bride close anticipating the moon´s rise, all the world at peace. Rumor has it at approximately quarter past ten the barge sprang to the surface like a breaching whale, firing the air compressor twenty feet into the air. Calvins last look and thought into his future came out in one gasp. WOW! Before Sweetie could blink one or both of her prosthesis eyelashes the air compressor screamed on its downward orbit planting both firmly into the wet steel deck.

1965, the year Elvis hit the charts with Crying In The Chapel, Calvin wins a Cessna 188 AG Wagon in a barrel drawing at a local ***** joint. Designed for crop dusting and seeding it came fully loaded with corn seeds for planting. Seeing how it had been dissembled and hauled on a truck to the parking lot it seemed logical to wait till the wee hours of the night, use the street in front for a hasty departure. About now you might be asking yourself just how it ended up in a lottery. I´ll tell you. Seems Agnus the pimps wife owns a laundry. Now Lucky Bob the previous aircraft owner had gotten in a ******* match over a scorch mark the shape of an steaming iron under the right lapel. As the fight ensued and his refusal to make his outstanding bill good, they both ended up in court. Judge PL Mc Murphy frequents the bungalows behind the ***** club. Now everyone, well most knows there is not a Chinamans chance Lucky is going to win. Well the rest of the story he lost his only paid for possession to Agnus. Now she owns something she can´t possibly use so her pimp hubby decides to donate the flying machine to charity, The Unwed Mothers of Puckville and bag the deduction.
Calvins bride, Manu is so excited about flying she doesn´t think about the tiny cockpit allowing just the pilot. She keeps it up until Calvin says OK Dear, you can sit on the floor in front of the seat and I´ll describe all the lovely night sights. She climbs in, scrunches on the floor while Calvin quietly hand pushes his prize out past the thicket of trees and centers on the highway, setting the wooden blocks in front of each wheel. Apparently something I suspect he had seen in a John  Wayne movie. Hand pumps up the fuel pressure, looks both ways, making contact the engine roars to life. At the time something whispered that the engine did seem to be running a bit too fast. On to bigger and better things at hand. Man, it sure is a dark night...OK, time to get the show on the road, double checks that his seat belt is tightly fastened, seat in a fully upright position. How hard could this be? Dang, what was he forgetting? Oh, the silly blocks in front of the wheels. Jumps up, steps on Sweeties hand. Outside the cool air felt good, takes a quick look around, clear, pulls the wooden blocks out by their rope, stands dumbfounded as his ride slowly at first moves down the street. Next the tail horizontal stabilizer knocks the wind out of him. Outside he´s now running behind and loosing, inside Ms. Manu is getting that sick feeling, not recalling Calvin ever flying before. For Calvin, being a non smoker is really paying off, taking two and a half strides at a time. Just as he comes along side the right wheel falls into the pot hole Charles Q. "Chuck" Torgenson of the city street repair has been putting off for months. The light aircraft pivots around sending the business end of the now roaring prop directly at our fledgling pilot, wiping poor, now short of wind Calvin out.
Meanwhile guess who has dirtied her undies? The jolt of Calvin being fed to the meat chopper springs the wheel out of the bog hole sending the now killer plane back in the opposite direction. I didn´t go to the fire and explosion but read a vivid account in the paper. Some say it made it´s way clear to the young pole dancer before it came to a rest.

Yellowglen Yellowglen
66-70, M
Jan 10, 2012