I had a drama queen "friend" and I use that term very loosely. I met her through friends, and we seemed to click pretty well. She's had a tough life, and so have I so could see her pain and helped her out a lot over the past year. I would have weak moments and need her help in return but she was always busy when I needed her, but I didn't really mind, so long as she knew that I was there for her. I defended her, anything that anyone said about her that hurt her feelings I denied and helped her to ignore the mean things people said about her. A old friend of her's laughed one day and said that she was an "attention *****" and was always creating drama when there wasn't any. I frowned at her friend and thought about it, she did create much more drama around small moments and had a tendency to make things more terrible than they had to be, but still, I told her that her friend was wrong and that she was a lovely person that was sensitive.

Until recently, I believed everything she said, the terrible things that happened to her when she was younger. She told me she had lost her best friend in a car accident when she was 16, and that she was raped when she was 14 by one of her male friends who she had managed to send to jail. I felt desperately bad for her, and told her I would be by her side every day that she would need me. But that was until I found out everything she had told me was a lie. I'm not really into online socialising besides the chat room I go to, but decided I would try out Facebook. I signed up and wrote in all my friends and found them all easily. I wrote her name and up popped her page and I happily added her. A few day's later I logged on again and saw her page full of "I feel so bad right now, why doesn't anyone care" posts. Every post had people asking her what was wrong, how can they help her and her reply was always "Just forget about it...." There were 20+ posts of the same sort. I didn't like the way she wrote, getting so much attention, people BEGGING to help her and she just turned them away. Anyway, I immediately went to txt her, to find out what was wrong until I saw a name that seemed familiar. Someone had commented on nearly every post asking her what was wrong. The person's name made my stomach turn, it was the name of the friend she had supposedly lost in a car accident 3 years ago. Same name, and same face. I thought maybe I was wrong, that maybe someone was using her picture and name as a profile in memory of her, but nope. The friend that had died hadn't died at all. I was so confused! And the rape? It didn't happen either. I contacted her sister on Facebook and asked if any of it was true and her sister called me. She told me that none it was true, and any drama that my "friend" had told me about was all false. She had an easy up-bringing, every thing she wanted was hers and that she had lied to many people about the hardships she had gone through and that I was just one of many. I was heart broken. I hated her for betraying my trust, and I hated every moment I had sat up late at night, talking with her through things that had never even happened. I ended up calling her and telling her I no longer wanted to talk to someone that had lied to me so much, but she didn't take me seriously. She's sent me a million and one messages on FB saying that she needs me, that she can't do anything without me being there to talk to, that she was going to kill herself. I tried to ignore it, but I knew I couldn't. I contacted her sister and went to look for her, to make sure she was okay. I found her eventually, at a bar partying with friends having a good time. I walked away. She contacted me a week later saying hi and asking how I'm doing and that she misses me and is wondering where I am. I deleted her txts, I didn't want to respond because I knew I'd get mad and as that old saying goes, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Everything was fine until about an hour ago when she sent me a message.

She just contacted me and said "i gess u dun wana talk to me no more, after everythink i done 4 u, well u can go **** urself, ur a ***** and i wish id nevr met u"

The feeling is mutual.
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Wow. Ouch. I think she may have some psychological issues, it's a shame she isn't seeking out help for them and neither is her family. I'm not making excuses for her, I just think she needs help of the medical type.