He Went Back To His Ex And Now I Feel Horrible

I started talking to this guy in the end of January. I was very skeptical at first because some of my friends told me he kind of plays girls. I definitely had my guard up for a while and it took me a long time to even kiss him. We would hang out in groups and sometimes make out but nothing too intense. About a month later, we started hooking up on a regular basis. I would sleep over at his apartment on the weekend and he would stay at my place sometimes too. I knew that he had recently broken up with his girlfriend. (about 3 months before we started talking) I was nervous that he was still talking to her but he reassured me multiple times that they were just friends and doing their own thing now. I saw him texting her one night but he once again reassured me that he had no feelings for her anymore. I got over it and decided that i would let my guard down and actually be vulnerable which is usually REALLY hard for me. I had sex with him about a month ago...it was my first time. This past week, I found out that his "ex" was coming to visit him at school. I was so furious and hurt i literally felt sick to my stomach when i found out. I immediately texted him and told him that he was ridiculous and i couldnt believe he was doing this. He hardly even apologized to me. That night, she got on his phone while he was sleeping and texted me pretending to be him. "He" said that they had been talking the entire time and are getting back together. I feel so betrayed and I can't believe that i fell for all of his bullshit. He apologized to me the next morning about sounding like an ******* but didnt even admit to me that she was the one texting me. (he told one of my friends who told me) I told him that his apologies don't mean **** to me and to go **** himself. i had to watch them together all weekend. it was horrible. i know i need to move on but its so hard with no closure...i just want an honest apology and for my heart to stop hurting :(
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Im so, so sorry. *hugs* You sound like a strong, amazing person, and in no way deserved the way he treated you. You will move on hun, it's going to take time of course. He's a real ******* for doing that to you.