Is My Granddaughter Being Mistreated

This little girl is head strong, stubborn, spoiled, disrespectful, and acts entirely too grown but she's 11 years old.  Her drug addicted alcoholic mother has damaged her emotionally and mentally and isn't using structure, discipline or guidance in raising her or her two brothers.  As a matter of fact it's grab and go in that house with everything from food to attention.  The boys get away by going to the neighbors house everyday and using the computer for hours and hours.  The neighbors don't mind because they know.  My grand daughter however doesn't have any place like that to get away from the problems and filth in that house except for my house and that is something that just became possible again after my 11 month forced hiatus away from them.  It's gotten really bad over there.  When I was involved I was there everyday and cleaned and sprayed for bugs and made repairs that needed to be done.  My daughter would let them kids live in filth with mice and roaches and spiders and wouldn't make any effort to correct the problem.  During my absence it got out of control and now the home is over run with roaches and there are two cats now and instead of a litter box or substitute container to put the litter in my daughter put the litter on the floor by the entrance door and there is cat feces and urine right there and I saw her step in it bare footed and she didn't have a care about it.  I only saw the one spot of litter but there are others inside in other spots I believe and of course there is the stench!  The way she's forcing those kids to live!!  Once I got the kids again we made an agreement that they would contact me on Thrusday if they wanted to stay with me over the weekend and I'd come pick them up on Friday after school.  My grand daughter was here just this past weekend and I hadn't expected to hear from any of them until the weekend of the 22nd but I was VERY surprised to get a call from my grand daughter on Tuesday asking if she could come over THIS weekend.  She's been home for just two days and she wants to leave already.  During her visit last weekend she kept repeating that she wanted to live with me and didn't want to go home and when it was time for her to go home she didn't want to go and delayed it as much as she could.  When she saw her mother she said I don't want to go home.  Her mother came towards her with outstretched arms for a hug and my grand daughter ducked around her and kept on walking.  It was telling.  It was my son who shed light on a possible reason for my grand daughters behavior.  There was this young boy that my daughter had started messing with last year that was absolutely hated by everyone in that house and my grand daughter wrote a note about her being scared of this boy and how much she hated him and I told my daughter about it and she still didn't stop seeing him.  It wasn't until her sugar daddy caught her with him that she stopped. Well, it's my understanding that the boys is back over there again messing with my daughter and my grand daughter is right back in the situation that she was in before.  She obviously resents the fact that her mother is messing with the boy and doesn't care that he has such a negative impact on her.  Chilren should come first but my daughter does not live by that.  She puts her wants first then her friends and somewhere down the line her kids.  I am wondering if he's touched her or hurt her.  I intend to have a discussion with my grand daughter this during weekends visit and I'll try and find out what's happening with her and if that low life dog has touched her I'm calling the police immediately!   Somebody needs to step in and get those kids in a better place anyway.  Once they see the roaches and filth and litter spots with cat feces and urine in there and see that my daughter is high, and she's ALWAYS high, they will remove the kids.  Whether or not I'd get them I don't know.  They'd ask for me for sure and I'd take them without hesitation!  I'd have to move into a larger place but it's what I'd do to give them a better life.  Hopefully my grand daughter has NOT been violated and this is just a case of her being mad because her mothers taken up with some man that nobody likes.  Until I know different that's how I'll see it. 

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Mar 18, 2009