Lifelong Bedwetter

I've been a bedwetter all of  my life and I've tried to grow out of the habit but it hasn't happened. I would like to share the problem with others who bedwet like myself.

Cherryorchard Cherryorchard
6 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I agree. It's not a huge deal. You're Ok, don't let anyone tell you any different

hi im 22 and still have bed wetting accidents i have been wetter all my life i have a small bladder so i wet the bed every night to age 14 them start to slowly down i only wet my bed 1or 2 x week now i dont wear diaper unless im not sleeping at home then i wear cloth and plastic pants i have plastie sheets on my bed i sleep in boxers and tee when im home and i still some have pants wetiing accidents when i try hold it to long when that happen i soak my pants most the time

I know many won't agree but accepting your bedwetting is probably a good thing. I have never understood why people get so hung up about it in any case. Sheets wash and as long as you practice good personal hygene no one need ever know unless you choose to tell them.

I still wet my bed most nights and now accept it because Ican`t help it. I´ve tried all different things to try and become drier but no longer works.

until i was 17 i wet every night was never put in diapers and was often punished for it leather belt made to sleep in it unchanged made to wash the sheets by hand in the bath tube even made to sleep on the toilet floor. in my teen when i had my first ****** i relised from that moment on i did not care any more that i wet the bed and what happened as a result. I stop at 17 but it started again on and off in my mid twenty till today when i am wetting again three to four nights a week

I have wet my bed on and off all my life and now am back to nightly bedwetting. I came to realise during my teens that I actually enjoyed this but fully understand for some it is a real problem.