Bi And Married!

I've been married for 21 years and have been bi for the last two and half years. I love women but I love sucking **** also and penetration is not unusal. My wife knows of my lifestyle and has gone a long with it, knowing she can't give me what a man can she shares me!
Willboo Willboo
61-65, M
15 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Sounds like a great marriage? You both make sure the other gets what they need or desire? More mature couples could learn from you two!

Women are much smarter then guys give credit for! My wife knew all the time!

Your wife has given you the green light, go for it! Once you start making love to a **** you will wonder why you never started sooner! I've been sucking **** now for two years and it gets better every time!

Our options are many cause of our lifestyle!

Good to know that she understands what you want and is open to letting you explore and enjoy it.

It sure does, wouldn't never have such a relationship if it cause us unhappyness. It wouldn't be worth it! Like I have told other there are ups and downs but have manage to solve the downside!

Thanks sendittome for being a understanding guy!

Thanks sendittome, even though we both take on lovers we still enjoy having sex with each other!.... :)

We both share each other, a nice arrangement for the both of us! Thanks every one!

Communication is the secret and patients!

I am so jealous Willboo!! Hope I get as lucky as you some day. Until then I am happy for you, enjoy :-)

Your a smart man, peggingfan. I couldn't say it any better!

Lucky man, she sounds great. I could agree more, a mans **** in your *** is great, and *** tatses wonderful.

Wow...wish all wives could understand...and enjoy

She is, Little Lisa!....thanks!