My Wife Tunred Me...

I was married to a younger women, who after a while started to give certain hints to things she wanted to do. The first thing she did was to finger me while giving me head then it moved on to having me taste precum, then shooting *** in my mouth. It turned her on a lot, so the question came up about a threesum and she said she gets turned on watching two guys go at it. I had never done it and wasn't into the idea at first, but weeks later I said I would try....well she brought home a guy one night and after a few drinks we started to get into it. She was eager to see me do something and had the guy put his **** in front of my face for me to suck, so I just went for it! I couldn't believe how natural it came to me. I loved it a lot and sucked him off three times that night. He stayed the night and the two of us went down stairs and had sex again while my wife slept, this time he had anal intercourse with me which was painful at first but once I relaxed was great! Since then I have been with serveral guys and a few shemales and it has been fantastic. My wife turned me bi!
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It's great to be Bisexual.

Nothing like having a **** in your mouth, is there? ;)<br />
<br />
I finally got to experience it last year with my wife encouraging me also. I can't wait to feel a hot **** in me.

I hate labels like gay, bi, hetero, balck, white, etc. But we live in an imperfect world. Good story with a mix of eroticism and real human thought

carry on enjoying as it pleases you and others an its good to read about

Like2suk, it is fun to be in the middle, and its hot to have a women watch me do what i do. I have shown mine how to give better head to other men she has been with and she loves that about me. Our relationship has changed for sure, we see other people all the time, and since I have more fun with guys I let her have fun with other men when she wants.