Cream Pie

Hubby went to work at 11:00 pm so 12:00 am i called a male freind and he picked me up we went to his place he has a big one and **** alot i dont use condoms latex allergy and *** feels amazing he had not had sex in 2 weeks so it was quick so i gave him a half hr then sucked him hard so i could get mine it worked he pounded the stuffings out of me then filled me with more *** than the quickie he just did i had him take me home and laying in my bed was a girl i had messed around with a few times never really got to full sex just boob play and kissing oldest let her in while i was out she is 22 very good looking but she was shy and could not go full i got in bed curled up with her and asked her why she was here had only seen hee a few times and had not seen her in 3 months she told me she left her boyfreind she found out he was playing with a couple for 6 months she was ok wirh him ******* the guys wife but he was ******* the guy i told her we can talk in morning i was ****** and needed sleep so laying there she played with my boobs and i fell asleep i woke up and she was playing with my vag i just let her i told her after awhile i allready had and could not she told me she was just playing after a few min she went down she stayed on my **** for a long time when she got to my hole i pushed yes she got a mouth full and came hard she curled up next to me and i told her i wish i could eat her but was in need of sleep she told me she was ok and did not need me to i looked at the clock and told her hubby would be home in a half hour she asked what should she do go to couch or what i said stay here and curl up with me she did hubby got a surprise he curled up next to her and he ****** her for a long time a few hours there still in bed as i write this hope she stays a few days foundout gone
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Now that would be a dream come true... ;)

Hot damn, such and arousing story. May I join in?

Hot story!


That's hot!

My wife and I our bisexual couple she would

Love to hear story's were people got what they want.


Very hot and sexy story

wow hot stuff

Your husband is a very lucky guy!

I love your story sweetie! Please add me to your circle

You've a nice wild side to your life, me likey

Very hot. Thanks for that.

Wow! Can you be my wife please?


Love your story!

Very hot story lucky ladies as well as hubby

That made me wet :)

So nice.... And that story makes me so incredibly hard

Sure would love to have that nice surprise awaiting me upon ******* home!

..a girl who loves bareback, nice story...

You naughty thing you.